Sixth Form Choices

Welcome to the Ellesmere College Sixth Form Choices page, and we are delighted that you are considering Ellesmere to continue your academic journey into Sixth Form and beyond.

The Sixth Form at Ellesmere is a vibrant and successful community, offering a broad range of full-time courses for over 200 students who are mix of UK and international students, and enjoy day, flexi or full boarding options. With an even broader range of exciting and challenging co-curricular opportunities that develop leadership, confidence and resilience, the College ensures it delivers students that are indeed 'Life:Ready' – and leaving us as ambassadors, role models and leaders. 

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We begin with a short welcome from our Headmaster – Mr. Brendan Wignall – and a summary of Sixth Form Choices from Deputy Head Academic – Mrs. Vicky Pritt-Roberts – and Head of Sixth Form – Dr. Tom Gareh.


Welcome from the Headmaster Mr. Brendan Wignall


The College provides teaching and learning of the highest quality. We are proud of the high performance of successive generations of students who have ensured that the College is noted both nationally and internationally for its achievements. The preparation of students for Oxbridge entrance is taken very seriously and university entrance is hugely successful with over 85% of students gaining their first choice place in a wide spectrum of courses and Universities including Oxford, Cambridge and Russell Group Institutions.


Introduction To Sixth Form - Understanding Sixth Form Choices


We are sure you have many questions about which courses we have to offer and what is involved in each course, be it A Level, International Baccalaureate (IB) or BTEC, so listed below are short ‘taster’ videos from each of our Heads of Department giving their views on each course along with the perspective of a current Sixth Form student.

There is also a handy download section on the left where you can access the current Sixth Form Prospectus and other useful documents.

We hope you feel that Ellesmere is a welcoming and purposeful environment and one well placed to support your child’s aims and ambitions and to give them the perfect platform for academic and personal success.

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Art & Design - A-Level

Students will be introduced to a variety of experiences that explore a range of fine art media, processes, and techniques in both traditional and new media. They will work in one or more areas of fine art such as: drawing & painting, mixed media, installation, print making, moving image.  


Visual Arts - IB

Integrating independent research and analysis through studio work and the investigation workbook, core elements of this course include: arts concepts, criticism and analysis, acquisition of practical, technical and new media skills, sociocultural and historical art awareness.  

Biology - A-Level / IB

Developing essential knowledge and understanding of the core principles of the concept of Biology, scientific methods and awareness of advances in technology, the courses envelop the 'subject for life' experience that is Biology at both A Level and IB.  

Business Studies - A-Level

Students will develop critical understanding of organisations, the context in which they operate, markets they serve, and the process of adding value. They will examine business behaviour, economic, environmental, ethical and global issues, and cover marketing, finance, production, HR, external influences and business strategy. 

Chemistry - A-Level / IB

The Chemistry courses offered cover many aspects of research, analytical and practical elements including: Physical Chemistry & Transition Elements, Organic Chemistry & Analysis, Kinetics, Acids & Bases, Atomic Structure, Medicines & Drugs, and Environmental Chemistry. 

Computer Science - A-Level / IB

Covering both Theoretical and Programming aspects in depth, students will develop both critical understanding techniques and explore practical applications and solving of coding, cryptography, web design and computational problems.  

Design & Technology (DT) - A-Level

The course aims to give students the broadest experience of working with different tools and equipment, develop existing skill sets in design and communication, complete practical investigations, work with a variety of materials, and develop your theoretical knowledge of the subject.


Drama & Theatre Studies - A-Level / IB

From studying and researching set texts to devising a group piece and performing it, from monologues to reviewing a professional theatre production, this course covers all aspects of the drama experience including back stage, technical, directing and sound. 

Economics - A-Level / IB

These courses focus on four key areas that cover all aspects of Markets and Market Failure, micro- and macroeconomics, UK and Global economies, business behaviour and development economics. Students will analyse these areas in depth as well as current affairs and the impact of socio/political economics. 

English Language & Literature - IB

The IB course is designed to encourage and enable students who are native or near-native speakers to get a broader understanding and application of the language through the study of texts, research, discussions and practicals, and to be able to use the language for a variety of purposes and cultural awareness. 

English Literature - A-Level

Delivered in seminar style classes, student contribution and class discussion is key to the course as it covers four main topics - poetry, drama with Shakespeare texts, unseen texts of prose and poetry, and prose study. 

Geography - A-Level

The course covers two distinct areas of Human and Physical Geography with environmental concerns linking them together.  Topics such as hydrology & fluvial geomorphology, migration & settlement dynamics, hazardous environments and economic transition are covered along with field trips and guest speakers.

Geography - IB

With a choice of Standard or Higher Level Geography, the course covers a broad range of optional themes and perspectives including oceans, extreme environments, hazards and disasters, food & health, global change and interactions of human development, diversity and resilience. 

History - A-Level / IB

The courses cover a broad range of political, social and economic history and the modules are based on both British and European history with links to each throughout the modules. Sharing ideas, discussions and debates are encouraged through the course delivery as well as field trips and invited speakers.  

International Baccalaureate (IB)

The International Baccalaureate (IB) is a comprehensive and challenging Gold standard course that demands the best from students and is accepted at universities around the world for it's rigorous teaching and breadth of subjects. Students will study 6 subjects and three core modules over two years. 

Languages B & Ab Initio - IB

IN the Language B course, the main focus is on language acquisition and development in the four primary language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing through the study and use of a range of written and spoken material in different genres. 


Languages / MFL - A-Level

The main focus of the Modern & Foreign Language (MFL) courses - French, German and Spanish - are to acquire and develop the four skills of a language: listening, speaking, reading and writing. The course is complimented by independent research into two cultural themes of a students choice. 

Latin & Classics - A-Level / IB

Students will have the opportunity to explore their Latin skills further as they progress to reading more complex texts, translation of texts and unravelling the context of passages from the likes of Ovid, Cicero, Tacitus and Virgil. Greek is also encouraged as an additional language in Classics.

Maths / Further Maths - A-Level / IB

Using the language of algebra, Pure Maths covers trigonometry, calculus, logarithms, and vectors, while Mechanical Maths deals with forces and motion. Statistics covers probability theory, permutations and combinations, correlation and regression. Further Maths advances these theories into modern day applications. 

Media Studies - A-Level

Students develop an understanding and appreciation of the place of media in everyday life, learn theory and analyse texts as well as taking a very hands on approach to studying film, television, advertising, magazines, radio and other media platforms. Coursework and blogs are key to the final examination.

Music - A-Level / IB

Students engage critically and creatively with a wide range of music and musical contexts, developing an understanding of the place of music in different cultures and contexts. Critical elements of the assessment include performing, composing and appraising pieces of music, performances or other set works.  

PE - A-Level

Students develop their understanding and skills in a range of physical activities, understand factors that impinge on their performance and participation, and observe, analyse and evaluate performance and develop critical appreciation of historical, social, cultural, and moral contexts to sport and how it's influenced society. 


PE - BTEC Sports Coaching & Development

This course enables you to develop your understanding of the essential skills and knowledge needed when looking to build a career in sport and can be adapted to meet your
talents and aspirations as it consists of Mandatory units plus a choice of optional units.


Physics - A-Level / IB

Students will cover many topics including: mechanics (motion and forces), electricity, waves & quantum theory, circular motion, thermodynamics, nuclear physics, medical physics and astrophysics using a combination of theory, lab practicals, and research.


Politics - A-Level

Covering all the core aspects of UK Politics and Government as well as non-core political ideas and Global politics, students will also study, research and debate areas of Political Participation and core Political Ideas including Conservatism, Liberalism, and Socialism. 


Psychology - A-Level

Psychology covers many aspects of the processes, motives, reactions and nature of the human mind with students researching and understanding why people behave the way they do and how psychologists analyse and theorize about human behaviour.

Religious Studies - A-Level

A broad range of topics are covered that are designed to challenge and develop student's knowledge and understanding of religious ethics & philosophy and theology.


Sociology - A-Level

The three main components covered include: introducing socialisation, culture and identity; research methods and researching social inequalities; globalisation and the digital social world including virtual communities and social networks.

Support for Learning (SfL)

Support for Learning is available to all students on a permanent or temporary basis and students do not need to have an identified learning barrier to benefit from support lessons. We are Category DU registered school with CReSTeD and support students with many types of learning barriers.