The Houses

At Ellesmere, a feature of entering our Middle School is that every student becomes a member of one of our traditional Competitive Houses. These are Meynell, Talbot, Wakeman-Lambart or Woodard, each one aptly named after an original family benefactor of the school.

A wide range of school competitions take place throughout the year between the Houses in several subject areas; Drama, Debating, Music, Sport, to name a few. Students also earn 'House' points for academic achievement, leadership and generosity of spirit.

Students are not only assigned a Competitive House, they are also allocated membership of a Boarding House. Here they can use day rooms and entertainment facilities alongside our boarders, to relax and socialise with their peers at break and lunch time. Each boarding house has it's own Housemaster or Housemistress to take care of the children.

The Boarding Houses are each named after Saints which makes it easier to remember the difference between the two; St. Johns is the Boarding House for our Lower School Boarders, our Middle School Boarders reside in St Patrick's, St Aidan's, St Bede's and St Cuthbert's with St Oswald's and St Luke's for our Sixth Form girl's and boy's respectively.