Sociology is an exciting AS/A2 choice. Sociology is contemporary and the best thing; it's about us, people, humanity.

At AS the first module students covers the way their identity is formed. Are we products of society or do we make our own identity?

In the second module, the family is the focus. But what is happening to the family? Is it in decline? Is the family a factory recreating the class system or recreating oppressive gender identities? And who gets most out of family life? Men or women? Or are children now taking over?

At A2 students study the sociology of crime. Are we all equally deviant? Is most crime really done by young ethnic males? Or are women just masked female offenders? How can we solve crime? The Department also has a link with the lead detective in the Bulger case and his lecture is always well received. The second module looks at Social Inequality. Why is the UK not an equal society? Who comes off worst and why?

Students need to have a keen interest in Current Affairs and be willing to read the text of theorists to gain insight into these issues.