Religious Studies

To be in a Religious Studies lesson at Ellesmere is to delve into life's biggest questions, to stretch your mind and satisfy your curiosities. Our time with the students allows us to consider a range of beliefs and values and to promote tolerance and build HPL competencies. In our dynamic and diverse department we utilize a variety of up to date resources to inspire innovative thinking and explore the most profound questions of our existence.

We place an investigative lens over human motivations, pressures and power as we consider peace and conflict, medical ethics, life after death, the existence of God, human relationships and the meaning and purpose of life. As we ask the difficult questions and consciously approach the subtleties of life, Religious Studies is a vital part of the curriculum for tomorrow's thinkers.

Year 9

Ethics, Philosophy, Buddhism

Pre-GCSE year 9 course

Philosophy, Ethics, Theology

Year 10 & 11

IGCSE Religious Studies Edexcel