Media Studies

Department of Media Studies

Subject Overview

Media is evolving. We are all constantly exposed to different media: news, magazines, TV, film, websites etc. However, new advances in digital media i.e. Twitter, Facebook and YouTube allow anyone the opportunity to create and publish their own content as never before. The next generation of school leavers need to be able to effectively interpret the whole spectrum of media around them as well as having an understanding of new media technology platforms.

The Media Studies Department is an exciting place to be. Students are encouraged to be creative, practical and thoughtful while developing high level analytical skills. Media students study topics such as film and television, radio, magazines, newspapers, websites, videogames, the music industry and social networking. They can follow their own creative interests as well as developing a theoretical understanding of the media world around them.

We currently offer the subject at both GCSE and A Level, although it is not necessary to have studied it at GCSE before embarking on Sixth Form studies.

There is a wide range of jobs and careers where Media Studies will be useful, including Film and Television Production, Newspaper and Magazine Journalism, PR and Marketing as well as Screenwriting and Photography. In fact, the Creative Media Industries are the only sector of the British economy that is still growing and all the Media courses offered at Key Stage 4 and 5 are designed to develop a range of practical industry based skills. All students are taught to edit video, stills and sound on Apple computers, develop their project management skills, work as a team and evaluate their own work and that of others. They also pursue independent research and reading of theoretical studies which will prepare them for more advanced work at University.

Ellesmere students enjoy their work in Media Studies and achieve excellent results in GCSE and A Level, including A* grades in both.