Gov't & Politics

What is Politics?

Politics exists because people disagree. They disagree about how they should live (moral questions), about who should get what (resource questions) and about who should make decisions (power questions).

Why study politics at Ellesmere?

It is common for politics to suit a certain type of academic student. Some students will undoubtedly find politics more exciting than others. What makes politics different as a subject at Ellesmere College is its emphasis on debate, discussion and argument. If politics exists because people disagree studying politics must mean studying how, why and when people disagree and taking an interest in these disagreements. What is more, we study these things not as neutral observers but as active participants. Facts (what is) and values (what should be) are so closely entwined in politics that it is often impossible to prise them apart.

Politics at Ellesmere is therefore particularly likely to suit students who:

· Have an interest in the world around them — ones who want to know more about the society they live in, how it works and how it could work

· Enjoy debate, discussion and argument — ones who are comfortable with the fact that in politics there are no simple ‘rights’ or ‘wrongs’

· Like to think for themselves — ones who want to develop their own views, rather than accept the views of others.

Key Stage 5 The department follows the EDEXCEL course at A level. There are 2 externally assessed units at AS and A2. Exams will be in the Summer of the Yr 12 course and in January and June during the Year 13 course.