Science is taught to Year 7 students as a Combined Science course, delivered by the science staff across the three departments, but is taught by specialist Chemistry teachers from year 8 onwards.

Chemistry at Ellesmere is an exciting and cutting edge subject, taught by highly qualified and experienced teachers in our well equipped labs and with a focus on practical work. We ask students the important questions and equip them with the ability and techniques to find the answers.

From Year 7 all the way through to Year 13, a student's outlook on life will be constantly challenged. They will study a diverse range of topics, developed over hundreds of years of experimentation, carried out by inquisitive and talented scientists.

Students will develop practical skills that will enhance their understanding of life and allow them to make sense of the world around them. We know too that they will have an engaging and enjoyable journey along the way. Every year we build on the foundations of the previous year, always aiming to reach new heights for both student and teacher alike. We never stop learning. We do recognise that it is a challenging subject and we offer drop in 'clinics' most lunchtimes for anyone looking for extra support or just to share and cultivate an interest in Chemistry.

We ask for hard work and cooperation and in return we offer a journey of exploration, both of our world and ourselves. There are opportunities for students to represent the College in subject-related competitions, competing at the highest levels nationally and applying their skills out of school on field trips.