GCSE Results 2017

Pupils celebrated an excellent set of GCSE results published today. A third of all grades are the top grades of A*/A, with more than half of all grades awarded are in the A*/A/B range. Many schools are reporting English and mathematics in the new GCSE number levels. At Ellesmere the English results remain in letter grades this year, with just mathematics reporting in numbers. Over a quarter of these new results were at the top level 9/8 and over 60% secured the A*/A/B equivalent.

There were some particularly notable performances that are worthy of specific mention for their grade A*/A achievement.

  • Verity Buglass (Bomere Heath ) 4A* 5A and 9
  • Robert Hadden (Oswestry) 4A*, 4A, 1B and 9
  • Kate Haworth (Ellesmere) 6A*, 2A, 1B and an 8
  • Isabelle Hibbott (Ellesmere) 5A*, 4A and a 9
  • Alistair O'Brien (Llangollen) 6A*, 1A, 1B and a 9
  • Jack Pochin (Burland, Nantwich) 6A*, 2A, 1B and 8
  • Alice Smail (Church Stretton) 5A*, 3A, 1B and a 9
  • Angel Xia, (Shanghai) 9A* and a 9

Many pupils achieved a high number of top grades and are now looking forward to joining Ellesmere College Sixth Form in September where they will embark on either A levels, the International Baccalaureate Diploma, or the BTEC Diploma in Sport.

Pupils in year 9 and 10 have also completed some early GCSE's and First Certificates in Spanish, French, Finance and Religious Studies with excellent results.