Science is taught to all pupils in Years 3-7 as a Combined Science course. It is delivered by class teachers at Key Stage Two and by the science staff across the three departments.

Physics is taught as a separate subject from Year 8 and all pupils will study it to GCSE. We offer the flexibility to take the course as a separate subject at GCSE or as a combined science qualification. We are a team of enthusiastic and experienced staff who put the pupils at the forefront of our teaching. We have an open door policy and pupils are encouraged to come into the department outside of lesson hours. We have a dedicated study room furnished with computers and a library of textbooks and periodicals. We challenge our pupils to think outside the box.

Physics is an ever changing and all encompassing subject that ranges from the smallest sub-nuclear particles to the life cycle of stars. As well as up to date theory, we have a strong practical element which is supported by well-equipped laboratories. Year on year we build up the subject knowledge so that pupils leave us with a well rounded and in-depth knowledge of the subject.

If we dare to be curious and ask questions about the world around us, we will find physics everywhere. It is our job to help our pupils see it.