Science is taught to all pupils in Years 3-7 as a Combined Science course. It is taught by class teachers at Key Stage 2 and delivered by the science staff across the three departments from Year 7.

Biology at Ellesmere College is taught as a separate subject from Year 8 onwards. All pupils study Biology to GCSE and we offer the flexibility to take the course as a separate subject at GCSE or as a combined science qualification for those preferring to focus on other subject areas, yet still want a firm grounding in all three sciences.

The department is located in a purpose built science block, adjacent to the wildlife pond and golf course. It provides well-resourced, modern laboratories which enable pupils to take an active and practical approach to their studies.

Biology is a 21st century science that is constantly developing, having a major impact on the social and ethical world in which we live. As well as performing more traditional practical work like microscopy and dissection, pupils at Ellesmere carry out more innovative techniques including DNA fingerprinting and enzyme immobilisation. Combine this with a forward looking approach to learning and teaching, and pupils find Biology a challenging yet enjoyable subject.

Ellesmere College is fortunate in its location, allowing pupils to visit places such as Chester Zoo, the Centre for Alternative Technology and also the universities of Manchester, Birmingham and Liverpool. The department has good links with these centres of academia and regularly hosts visiting lecturers to extend our pupils' knowledge, enhancing their learning experience. Younger pupils at Ellesmere have had successes in the Biology Challenge and MiSAC competitions, successes that are consolidated upon in the Sixth Form as pupils take part in the Biology Olympiad competition.