GCSE Results: Next Steps to Sixth Form

The academic journey after GCSEs can seem a little daunting, especially if you didn't get the results you were expecting, but here at Ellesmere College we have a lively and hugely successful Sixth Form that offers a variety of post-GCSE courses for over 200 students and is recognised nationally and internationally for its achievements. With students from all around the world studying and boarding here alongside our day students, and a varied co-curricular activities programme, it's an enriching and encouraging environment, and a rewarding experience in the next step on your way to a future after Sixth Form.

When are the GCSE results released?

This year, GCSE results are out on Thursday 20th August 2020 in England and Wales. In Scotland, National 5 results day is the 4th August.

What do the new grades mean?

Unfortunately, it's no longer as simple as having A*-U grades.

The new numerical system instead uses numbers from 9-1 (highest to lowest, with a U grade for marks that were too low to be classified), and it is vital to know where the old grades would fit. To put it simply, an A* is in the middle of new grades 8 and 9, a 7 is an A, and a 4 is a grade C.

Knowing these benchmarks should help to give you an idea of what the new grades really mean. 2017 brought the start of the new Maths and English grading, in 2018 the Sciences were added and now in 2019 nearly 50 courses will be marked using the numerical system.

Other courses will follow in the future and we expect all subjects to be graded under the new system by the year 2020, but by that time, it is certain that more people will have got to grips with the grading system.

My results are as I expected - what next?

If your grades are what you hoped for, then it is probably as simple as confirming a place on a course or at college. If you haven't thought about what you would like to do, then the good news is that there are lots if options at Ellesmere if you have secured good grades.

At Ellesmere we offer a wide range of A level subjects, the International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB) and also a BTEC National Diploma and Extended Diploma in Sport route which can be taken as a standalone qualification or combined with an A level.

If you have achieved some very high marks, there is still the opportunity to apply for an academic scholarship into the Sixth Form, the Admissions Team will be able to advise you on this on receipt of your grades.

My results are not as expected - what can I do?

The first thing to do is not panic! There is always a route that can be put together to help you move forward and continue with your studies.

  • If you have not gained the minimum 5 GCSE passes at 4 or above, there are still options to allow you to look at starting a Sixth Form programme, through our Pre-Sixth Course. This is an intensive 1 year GCSE course allowing pupils to restart and retake their GCSE subjects over a year. There will be the chance to re-take Mathematics and English in Nov and/or January depending on which board you took this summer and this is something we will organise for you. This course will also require an interview with the Deputy Head Academic.
  • If you have the required 5 passes, but perhaps not both English and Maths, we will typically allow you to start the Sixth Form route and build in revision lessons for the Maths/English retakes that will take place.

Get in Touch!

They key thing is to get in touch and we can talk through the results, where you find yourself and what options are available to you; every situation is different and we will do our best to find a solution and a route to enable you to continue and create a platform that allows you to be successful.

We look forward to discussing your options and entry into the Sixth Form for September 2020.


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