E-Safety Advice for Parents and Pupils

Ellesmere College: an approach to E-Safety

The breadth of issues that fall under the umbrella of ‘E-Safety’ is considerable but one may group them into three areas of risk:

CONTENT: being exposed to illegal, inappropriate or harmful material

CONTACT: being subjected to harmful online or telephonic interaction with others.

CONDUCT: personal online or telephonic behaviour that increases the likelihood of, or causes, harm.

We hope that parents will find the downloads available on this page to be useful material when increasing their own knowledge of the internet and when discussing the use of technology with their children. From time to time the links to this page may be updated or added to as suitable material becomes available.

Should a parent wish to discuss matters of E-Safety please contact the ‘E-Safety Committee’ (chaired by The Deputy Head Pastoral) via their child’s Tutor in the first instance.

The College aims to protect and educate pupils in their use of technology and to have in place appropriate mechanisms to intervene and support should an incident occur.

E-Safety Policy - September 2018


Acceptable Use Policy - PUPILS and PARENTS


Britannica's guide to E-Safety

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