Equality Policy


The College stands against all forms of discrimination on the grounds of gender, race, origin, religion, or disability.



to promote justice, equality of opportunity and fair treatment for all and thereby allow all members of the College to achieve the level of success and self-respect which they deserve.


to establish an environment where school becomes effective in reducing prejudice and raising self-esteem.


to provide a safe and welcoming place for all of its members without fear of discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation, disability or religion.


to provide an environment where sexist or racist or other discriminatory assumptions, attitudes and behaviour are continually challenged.


to provide a curriculum which gives children the confidence that discrimination can and must be eradicated.


to contribute towards imparting a sense of citizenship in the pupils.


to avoid reinforcing stereotypical views of society by careful use of language and choice of resources.


The College recognises some subjects are still perceived by a significant number of pupils and their families to be 'male' or 'female' domains. Our schemes of work and their implementation must, therefore:-


reflect the interests of both boys and girls.


challenge the existing notion that some subjects are purely masculine or feminine activities by celebrating the achievements and careers of famous men and women.


discourage boys from dominating lessons and encourage girls to view their contributions as having equal value, through effective classroom management.


value equally the experiences of both girls and boys.


be set in a familiar context to which all pupils can relate.

Any behaviour motivated by discrimination for whatever reason will be dealt with under the College's disciplinary procedures.

This policy is mindful of the Equality Act 2010 (updated 2015). The College undertakes to ensure that at application to join the school and once a pupil in the school the principles of fairness will be adhered to, within the context of the College being a Woodard school with a Christian ethos. Reasonable adjustments for disability will be taken into account, reasonable being, as laid down in the act, minor adjustments and subject to the financial impact of the school. The reader is referred to the Accessibility Plan, provided on request.

Updated March 2019 - DHA

Equality Policy

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