Education Guardianship Policy

Education Guardianship Policy

1. Policy Statement

1.1 Our pastoral system is very strong and we set great store by ensuring that effective arrangements are made with regard to educational guardianship. The Boarding School Association puts it thus:

1.1.1 ‘For many from abroad, their guardian is the parents’ representative in this country, essential in times of crisis or need for support and advice, available not only to the pupil but also to the school as a proxy for the parents who cannot be contacted for whatever reason. For others, their guardian is the person with whom they stay during school holidays and leave weekends when it is not practicable to return home. The educational guardian has a clear pupil welfare role, bridging between parents, pupil and school.’

1.2 An educational guardian is not a child’s legal guardian in the sense of ‘parent or guardian’. An education guardian is someone who has been appointed to care for an international pupil in the UK and who has been delegated temporary parental responsibility by the parents residing overseas.

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Education Guardianship Policy May 2023

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