Discipline (Behaviour Policy)

1. Policy Aims

1.1 The aims of this policy are:

1.1.1 to enable the Head to carry out his responsibilities of maintaining order and good discipline in the College;

1.1.2 to promote good behaviour;

1.1.3 to ensure, so far as possible, that every pupil in the College is able to benefit from and make his / her full contribution to the life of the College, consistent always with the needs of the College community;

1.1.4 to authorise the school rules and any procedures necessary for implementing them.

2 Ellesmere College School Rules

2.1 The school rules shall be set by the Head. The school rules are necessary:

2.1.1 for the safety and well-being of everyone at the College;

2.1.2 for the reputation of the College community as a whole;

2.1.3 for the protection of College property and the wider environment.

2.2 The school rules apply to all age groups and at all times when the pupil is:

2.2.1 at College, representing the College or wearing College uniform

2.2.2 travelling to and from College

2.2.3 associated with the College at any time.

2.3 Pupils are expected to know and understand the school rules and to read them through with their parents. The school rules will be amended from time to time and reinforced at assemblies and on other appropriate occasions. Read More