Art & Design

We follow the AQA specification at GCSE and A LEVEL

GCSE Art and Design provides students with a wide range of creative, exciting and stimulating opportunities to explore their interests in ways that are both personally relevant and developmental in nature. This two unit specification enables students to develop their ability to actively engage in the processes of Art and Design - to build creative skills through learning and doing, to develop imaginative and intuitive ways of working and develop knowledge and understanding of media, materials and technologies in historical and contemporary contexts, societies and cultures.

Assessment is by Unit 1: Portfolio of Work (Controlled Assessment) 60 per cent and Unit 2: Externally Set Task 40 per cent.

It is a strong foundation for further progression to Art and Design related courses such as A-level Art and Design and enhanced vocational and career pathways. A-level Art and Design provides students with opportunities to develop personal responses to ideas, observations, experiences, environments and cultures in practical, critical and contextual forms.

This four-unit specification, two at AS level and two at A2, requires students to develop their ability to show a range of skills. These include:

• independence of mind in developing their own ideas
• an interest and enthusiasm for art and design
• the experience of working with a range of media, including traditional and new media and technologies

• an awareness of different roles, functions, audiences and consumers of art and design practice.

We offer Fine Art.

There are two externally set tasks which account for 50 per cent of the qualification. The tasks are set by AQA, marked by the school or college and moderated by AQA.
This course is particularly suitable for students who wish to study Art and Design or related subjects at a higher level or who wish to pursue a career in the Arts.

We use the AQA specification for both GCSE and A level Design

GCSE Design and Technology enables students to design and make products with creativity and orginality, using a range of materials and techniques.

Packaging, labelling and instructions are encouraged as part of the complete design proposal and advertising, points of sale can be used to supplement the making experience and help create products which can be evaluated for their commercial viability.

This course has 60 per cent controlled assessment in order to recognise the importance of practical work within this subject. A-level Design and Technology: Product Design (3-D Design) helps students take a broad view of design and technology, develop their capacity to design and make products and appreciate the complex relations between design, materials, manufacture and marketing.

The specification retains much of the content of the previous A-level specification and continues to provide students with the opportunity to design and make a product (or in the case of AS, a number of smaller products) in both years of the course.

The course has 50 per cent coursework in order to recognise the importance of practical work within this subject.

Art & Design GCSE - AQA

Art & Design As/A2 -AQA