Technical Theatre

The range of people who work in a theatre is a very broad spectrum. While many students find their place on the stage, others prefer to be involved in other ways. Technical Theatre is critical to behind the scenes operations of all dramatic productions and events. Developing proper vocabulary and skills off-stage is as essential to a production as its actors.

We endeavour to introduce students to basic technical operation and design for the theatre. Students will work in both classroom and hands-on settings to gain an understanding of the technology and craftsmanship for the production of theatre and events. The objective of Technical Theatre at Ellesmere is to provide the student with an elementary understanding of the process of realizing a production, from the design through to the building, running, and striking. The student should gain a working knowledge of theatre terminology as well as a familiarity with basic theatre tools and techniques for scenery, paint, props costumes, lighting, audio, video, and stage management.

Technical Theatre is offered at Ellesmere as part of the GCSE Drama and A-Level Theatre Studies as well as through the extracurricular activities such as Tech Club, public productions and arts events.

The key skills that are gained through doing technical theatre at the college are not just linked to theatre but are highly transferable life skills such as leadership, time management and communication skills to name a few.

The Theatre Technicians can often go unnoticed in high schools despite being responsible for a massive amount of work. At Ellesmere we are very keen to nurture, empower and show off our Technicians as these jobs take a lot of maturity and responsibility and can lead to some very rewarding years at the College.