Boys' Football is a flourishing sport alongside hockey in the Spring Term, with a large percentage of boys involved in one of these two sports. In addition to the well established teams at 1st, 2nd and 3rd XI XI level the school has developed sides at U16 U15A &B, U14A & B, U13A , U12A and U11 levels. One of the highlights of the year is our growing U11 6-a-side tournament held annually in October. Indoor 6-a-side football is also enjoyed through our House event run during the Michalemas term. House football caps the end of the Lent term.

The school enjoys increasing success on a demanding fixture list. Several current and former pupils have gone onto professional contracts.

The school enjoys excellent facilities with extensive playing fields. We use 7 full side pitches, 5 grid areas, three floodlit training areas and numerous grass 6-a-side pitches. Although the main term for football is the Lent term we also run a senior side football option during the Michaelmas term and summer soccer in the warmer months.

MIC of Football: Mr Ian Williams