Stages of Development

At the football academy we recognise and identify the needs of each player and the specific age groups in development. All players mature and develop at different rates, something which the coaches at the academy are experienced in dealing with and adapting to. We look to break the phases into age brackets.

Lower School (aged 11 - 13) *Subject to numbers participating*

Players will be looking to individual skill development and ball mastery. During this time some fitness elements will be introduced and an understanding of the game and team shape. Gym and strength work will be limited in this period and any core strength work programmes set with player maturation in mind.

Middle School (aged 13 - 16)

Players will be looking more to use their technical ability in a game situation. With phases of play and in depth sessions geared around match play being the focal point of training. An increased fitness programme, towards the end of middle school with a core stability programme set out. Target fixtures and match analysis will become important in this phase.

Sixth Form (16+)

Fitness, strength and stamina will be key in this phase, with a set fitness programme for all players. Sessions will be focused on team and game improvement looking at achievement on the field in competition. The coaching programme and analysis becomes more intensive in this phase with competition for squad places.