Ellesmere now enjoys state of the art fitness facilities with the recent refurbishment of our fitness room. The cardio vascular suite on the mezzanine enjoys 15 pieces of Pulse fitness equipment, and a wide selection of fixed machines and free weight area. On the ground level we have our free weight area which includes Olympic bench and squat racks, a smith machine and a variety of fixed machines. We also have a sled and track plus a variety of kettle bells, dumbbells, fixed bars and core stability equipment. The fitness room is a superb facility which is enjoyed by age groups. 


Image: Members of the Football Academy training in the Fitness Suite

Ellesmere enjoys the services of a fully qualified performance coach who can take group and individual sessions focusing on cross training and specific routines for sport. These sessions can be organised directly with the coach in addition to the free access to both facilities throughout the year.

The improvement to our gym offers a superb environment for conditioning and fitness. Developing a lifelong commitment to health and wellbeing.

The College supports a 'Sport and Fitness For All' policy. The fitness room is extremely popular with the students. The room is available for use during the day and after Prep time.

Training advice is available from the PE department and through specialist fitness coaches.  

Academy members have training programs designed for their individual need which are specific to the demands of their sport.

Pupils are introduced and reintroduced to the use of the facility through their Physical Education Lessons in year 8, 9, 10 and 11. In year 11 pupils are allowed to join the gym as a full member.


Image: Middle School Rugby Team making full use of the Fitness Suite.