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Ellesmere College


"You are what you eat" 

so the saying goes, and nowhere is that more appropriate than at Ellesmere College where our catering menus are well balanced, healthy and full of vitality just like the recipients of our culinary offering - the pupils and staff.

The Catering Department at Ellesmere serves up to 800 pupils, staff and visitors 7 days a week at the traditional three main mealtimes of breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are of course additional snacks available if our students are going 'out and about' or engaged in sporting activities.

Our guiding principles at each mealtime ensure that we comply with the Government's Nutritional Guidelines which limits the fat, sugar and salt content within the menus and we do try and make the food as interesting as possible with variations on a theme and even international flavours.

Each and every mealtime offers choice, we guarantee a wide variety of healthy options, a nutritionally balanced menu and there is always a selection of fresh fruit available.


Individual requirements are always catered for whether these relate to dietary needs, allergy, religion or personal preference.

All of our food is all produced on site, products are sourced locally where possible and our students review every mealtime ensuring that we get vital feedback which informs the ongoing menu development process.

Typical lunch and supper menus for the term are available below. (Subject to change)