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Ellesmere College

Boarding Life

With many areas of the Boarding life at Ellesmere College being described as 'outstanding' it is no wonder many pupils choose to board here.

Ellesmere is progressive in its thinking and offers boarding based on age group (Junior, Middle and the Sixth Form). This allows boarders to grow and learn within larger friendship groups, share more experiences together and form life-long relationships.

Each House is run by an experienced Housemaster or Housemistress and, with the support of a strong pastoral team, offers a safe and friendly environment for the students to call 'home'. Fundamental to this is the relationship forged between the House and the Parent. We believe that an effective working relationship with clear and regular communication allows pupils to feel as though they have a strong, caring team around them.

Each House provides an opportunity for boarders to take on roles of responsibility and learn to become more independent, whilst developing the skills to work together as a team.

Through this our pupils develop greater self esteem, which gives them more confidence; this is crucial as they are better prepared and ready for the next phases of their lives.

For more information on each of our Boarding Houses, click here.

Ellesmere is an incredibly busy school and we are extremely proud of the range of exciting and meaningful activities we offer. There is always something going on, from sport and drama, evening debating groups, even taking part in twilight catch up lessons - not to mention the weekend shopping excursions. Ellesmere offers a range of boarding options and can be very flexible. This ensures that each pupil is given the best opportunity to take part in whatever they wish and give it their all.

Ofsted: Boarding and Child Safety

The Boarding and Child Safety Inspection, which was conducted recently, involved 2 inspectors spending time in the College, a questionnaire to boarding parents, a questionnaire to students, formal group and individual meetings with students and visits to all the Boarding Houses.

Of the 6 categories the College was found to be good in 3 categories and outstanding in 3. The 3 outstanding categories were "helping children to be healthy", "helping children achieve well and enjoy what they do" and "helping children make a positive contribution".

It is by no means unheard of for Independent Schools to fail a Boarding and Child Safety Inspection so to achieve a Report with a mixture of "outstanding" and "good" is very pleasing.