ISI Report May & June 2021

The College was inspected by the Independent School Inspectorate (ISI) for a Regulatory Compliance Inspection Report. This initial inspection took place between 19th and 21st May 2021, with a subsequent 1 day visit in June 2021. The outcome of the visits and the subsequent report is listed below.

This was a COMPLIANCE ONLY inspection and as such reports only on the school's compliance with the standards, including the boarding NMS. The standards represent minimum requirements and judgements are given either as met or not met.

Inspectors are made aware of individual allegations and complaints as part of the inspection, but such matters will not be specially referred to in published reports. The initial inspection was prompted by two related long-running complaints against the College, specifically, in relation to the swimming club, the Titans, which is run as a separate entity.  As a result of Swim England becoming involved a further one-day inspection took place in June 2021.

Due to this further inspection, the original inspection report from May 2021 was modified and, on this occasion, we were found to be non-compliant, specifically in relation to the College's interactions and the swimming club, as can be seen from the very specifically-worded final inspection report.

As a College, we take any judgment of non-compliance very seriously.

The issues relate specifically to procedural matters in respect of the relationship between the College and the swimming club.

We are required to produce an action plan, to address these areas identified it the report and this has already been completed and is now with the relevant review bodies.

The inspection report can be seen via the download button at the bottom of the page.

Commentary from the 2018 Report.

Independent Schools Inspectorate

The Independent Schools Inspectorate reports to the Government through Ofsted on the quality of education in Independent Schools.

Before half term the College had an inspection visit from the Independent Schools Inspectorate, which happens for all schools every six years. The team looked at all aspects of the school. I am pleased to report that we met all regulatory requirements and were found to be good in the key areas of quality of education, academic achievement and other achievements, personal development of pupils, and the provision for their welfare.

I am pleased to report that across all areas we were judged to be performing at or above the standard expected.

Academically, the report states that at GCSE and BTEC we perform above the national average and at A-Level and IB at the expected standard, with more able students achieving highly: as with everything at Ellesmere our focus is on individuals achieving to the best of their abilities rather than overall statistical measures, and I am pleased that the inspection team recognised this.

The inspection team found that the attitude of our students to learning is positive, they demonstrate good knowledge and age appropriate skills across the curriculum, and their use of information and communication technology is well developed across all ages.

Our students are judged to be confident and assured, and demonstrate strong collaborative skills, contributing strongly to others, both within and outside of the school community. They were complimented for their excellent communication skills and having a good understanding of spiritual, moral and social values which creates responsible, tolerant citizens with a belief in their own abilities. The notable success in sport and in extracurricular activities was also singled out for particular mention, as was the student's attitude to recycling and care of the environment.

Overall, I am pleased to say that this inspection report confirmed that the quality of an Ellesmere education is matched only by the quality of your children, our students, who never fail to impress. Of course, we do not stand still at Ellesmere and are always seeking to improve what we do and innovate where we can. I am very grateful to you, as parents, for the partnership with my staff which creates the Ellesmere community.

Ofsted: Boarding and Child Safety

The Boarding and Child Safety Inspection, which was conducted at the same time as the ISI Inspection, involved 2 Inspectors spending time in the College, a questionnaire to boarding parents, a questionnaire to pupils, formal group and individual meetings with pupils, informal meetings with pupils and visits to all Boarding Houses and meals with the pupils.

Of the 6 categories the College was found to be good in 3 categories and outstanding in 3. The 3 outstanding categories were "helping children to be healthy", "helping children achieve well and enjoy what they do" and "helping children make a positive contribution".

It is by no means unheard of for Independent Schools to fail a Boarding and Child Safety Inspection so to achieve a Report with a mixture of "outstanding" and "good" is very pleasing.

ISI Regulatory Compliance Inspection Report May / June 2021


ISI Inspection Report - Ellesmere College 2018


Inspection Report 2016


Ofsted Report: Boarding & Child Safety

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