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Tour to Barbados March 2024 for Year 10,11 and 12


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Iceland Trip February 2023


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Service of Prayer for Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II


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St Hilda's House Outing 15-09-2022


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Usborne Book Fair


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Meynell House Summer BBQ


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Lower School Newsletter


Lower School Newsletter


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Games Provision Summer 2021


Squash Coaching Summer 2021


Fencing Coaching Summer 2021


Expeditions Summer 2021


Year 4 Discovery Day Poster


Year 4 Discovery Day


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Summer Term 2021 Course Completion Subject Focus Schedule GCSE


Summer Term 2021 Course Completion Subject Focus Schedule


Year 11-13 GCSE A and IB Course Completion Information Summer 2021


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Newsletter Week 11 Lent 2021


Year 10 Online Parents’ Meeting


Year 12 Online Parents’ Meeting


Music Lessons Lent 2021


Returning to College


Games Provision Lent and Summer Terms 2021




Year 11-13 Summative Assessment Information Summer 2021


Return to School Details


High Performance Learning


Year 9 Online Parents’ Meeting


Year 8 Online Parents’ Meeting


February e:bulletin


Options Letter Year 8


Options Online Registration Procedure


Letter to Year 11 for Academic Options


Year 9 Options Letter


Online Support Service


Year 7 Online Parents’ Meeting


Virtual Parents Evening Guide for Parents


Year 6 Online Parents’ Meeting


P.E. and Games Sessions


KS2 P.E and Games Sessions


Lent Term 2021 Instrumental Lessons


Bishop of Lichfield Confirmation


Music Lessons Lent Term 2021


Return to School Lent 2021


Return to School (Lent 2021) and testing programme


Coronavirus Testing January 2021


Ellesmere College - December e:bulletin


Year 11 Options Letter


Lower School Newsletter - 26.11.20


The Ellesmerian Club 2020


Life Coaching at Ellesmere College


St Luke's Covid Update


Lower School Newsletter


Online Chapel Organ Concert - Jonathan Scott


Virtual Parents Evening Guide for Parents


Year 13 Online Parents' Meeting


Games Provision for Lent 2021


EPOCH Mental Wellbeing Survey


Guidance for End and Start of Terms


Lower School Newsletter - 13.11.20


Online Organ Recital - Jonathan Scott


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St Hilda's Coronavirus Update


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Update on College Guidance Michaelmas 2020


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Online Parents' Meeting


Parents' Meeting Plans Years 3-5 (Parent Portal)


Virtual Parents Evening-Meeting Guide


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Amazon Smile - Bursary Campaign


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Update from the Headmaster and ECPS Coffee Morning


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Saturday Sports Activities UPDATE - Mich 2020


ECPS Coffee Morning


Covid-19 - September 2020


Period Grades and Assessment Grades


LAMDA and Dance Studies


Expedition Update Michaelmas 2020


Lower School Newsletter - 18.09.20


Saturday Sports Activities - Mich 2020


Golf Coaching


Lower School Newsletter


Educational Speaker


Life Coaching


Temporary Bus Slip Use


Darren Ruff - Fitness Coaching


Prime Therapy Letter


Prime Therapy Information


St Hilda's Start of Term Arrangements


Squash Coaching


Saturday Clubs Change of Date


Start of Term Practicalities


Instrumental Music Lessons 2


Saturday Clubs September/October 2020


Michaelmas Term 2020 Sports


Instrumental Music Lessons Application Form


Instrumental Music Lessons


KS2 Clubs


Ellesmere College Parents' Society


Private Coaching Form 2020-21


Private Tennis Coaching 2020-2021


Private cricket coaching Michaelmas 2020


Medical Questionnaire Update Letter


Titan Sports Mouthguards Sept 2020


Titan Sports Mouthguards E-Fittings Flyer Sept 2020


Parents' Portal Results Day letter 2020


Fraud Alert


ILM3 Award - September 2020


Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) - September 2020


Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) for Students - September 2020


Speech Day Video - July 2020


Return of GCSE Text Books


Letter to Year 12 - Summer 2020


EPQ Video Summer 2020


Leavers' Gift 2020


Years 2-5 Return to School arrangements


Results Day UCAS Information


Consultation for Years 3, 4 and 5


Year 13 Video Request


Year 9 Update - Summer 2020


National Immunisation Programme


Ellesmere College - June e:bulletin


Update for Year 10 and 12 Students


Year 11 Introductory Sessions to Sixth Form


Year 6 Return to School


Online Learning


Ellesmere College - May e:bulletin


Guidance for A Level Results Day


Sixth Form Summer 2020


FROG Years 9-13 Games Sessions


FROG Years 7 & 8 Games Sessions


FROG KS2 PE & Games Session


Letter from Custos


Safeguarding Update


Easter Frog Update


Read and Write - Letter to parents


Read and Write - Installation instructions


GCSE - A Level Update


Teacher Email Addresses


Online Learning


Talbot House Dinner - Cancelled


Woodard House Dinner - Cancelled


Lower School Newsletter


Harry Potter Workshop


Year 10 Parents' Meeting - March 2020


Lower School Newsletter


Talbot House Dinner


Lower School Newsletter


Woodard House Formal Dinner


Coronavirus Update


Confirmation Classes


Ellesmere Easter Camps Booklet 2020


Year 13 Parents' Meeting


Lower School Newsletter


HPL Letter


Lower School Newsletter


Lower School Cross Country


Lower School Newsletter - 24.01.20


Exam Contingency Day


Lower School Newsletter


Book Order Form


Visiting Author Letter


Titans - Learn to Swim


Lower School Newsletter


Academic Options - Year 8-9


Academic Options - Year 8-9 - Online Process


Social Tennis Evening


Year 9 Parents' Meeting


Academic Options: Years 11 to 12


Options-Online Guide


Academic Options: Years 9 to 10


Squash Coaching Lent Term 2020


Fencing Coaching Lent Term 2020


Letter from The Ellesmerian Club


ECPS Burns' Night


Letter to all Year 11 Parents


Senior Netball Tour


Monduli Green - Cricket Bats


Lower School Newsletter - 29.11.19


Wine Appreciation Classes


Tennis Championship Ball Crew


Senior Netball Tour - Malta (March 2020)


Lower School Newsletter


Water Bottles


Woodard and Talbot House Carol Service


Lower School Newsletter - 15.11.19


Exeat Theatre Weekend Trip November 2019


KS2 Christmas Party


Senior Netball Tour - Malta


Lower Sixth Parents' Meeting


Lower School Newsletter - 18.10.19


Tennis Camp


Chamber Choir Forthcoming Events


Lower School Newsletter


Play in a Day - Years 3, 4 and 5


Play in a Day - Year 6


Assessment Policy


Lower School Newsletter


Year 7 PGL visit information


Year 7 PGL visit kit list


Year 11 Parents' Meeting


Academic Enrichment


Parents Social Tennis Evening


Michaelmas Expeditions 2019


Lower School Newsletter


Year 11 Careers Conference


Year 11 Careers Conference Booklet


Harvest Festival


LAMDA and Dance Lessons


Fantasia Charity Concert


Music Performances Calendar


Music Tuition Application Form


Music at Ellesmere College


Lower School Newsletter - 20.09.19


Shooting Research Letter


Lower School Newsletter - 13.09.19


PGL Camp Letter


St Hilda's House Outing


St Aidan's House Outing


Welcome to the ECPS


St Patrick's House Outing Year 11


St Patrick's House Outing Years 9-10


St Cuthbert's House Outing


Restless Earth Workshop


Start of term letter to parents


Michaelmas 2019 Weekly Activities


Boarding Activities - Parents Letter


Art & Spanish Tour - Feb 2020


Elite Hockey Masterclasses - Sept 2019


Elite Hockey Masterclasses Form - Sept 2019


Rugby Season Presentation 2019-20


Ellesmere College Rugby Presentation Slides


Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award 2019-20


Lower School Breakfast Club


Private Cricket Coaching - Mich 2019


Rugby Summer Camp Flyer


Rugby Summer Camp Letter


Rugby Summer Camp


Mouthguards Sep 2019


Medical Questionnaire


Medical Questionnaire - Parents Letter


ILM Level 3 Award Sept 2019


MMR Vaccine (Measles)


Lower School Newsletter - 27.06.19


Elite Hockey Masterclasses Sept 2019


Elite Hockey Masterclasses Form Sept 2019


College Choirs CD - 'Such a Love as None Can Part'


End of Term Strawberries and Fizz Invitation


Lower School Newsletter - 21.06.19


Lower Sixth to Upper Sixth (letter to parents) Jun19


A Level Results Day - Information for Parents


Lower School Newsletter - 07.06.19


End of Summer Term Newsletter 2019


Monduli Walk 05.06.19


Letter to Lower Sixth - June 19


Shooting Research Letter 2019 - Loughborough


Mouthguards Sept 2019


Spanish Language Tour 21.05.2020


Cricket for Girls Summer Competition


Cricket for Girls Summer Competition 2019


Lower School Newsletter - 16.05.19


Little Shop of Horrors Trip - May 2019


Lower School Newsletter - 09.05.19


Five Choirs Concert - Parents' Invite - May 2019


Sixth Form Saints Houses' Wine & Nibbles May 2019


Little Shop of Horrors Trip May 2019




OEP Letter to Sixth Form Parents - May 19


Lower School Newsletter - 02.05.19


St Aidan's Cheese & Wine Evening


Daley Thompson Athletics Academy -Yr3-7


Daley Thompson Athletics Academy Flyer


Weekend Boarding Activities


JDC Hockey


JDC Hockey Letter


St Cuthbert's Cheese & Wine Evening


Year 9 Parents' Letter - GCSE Options


MenACWY.SLB Consent Form


Meningitis and Septicaemia and School Leaver’s Booster


UCAS Letter to Upper Sixth Parents


Sixth Form Ball - Registration Form


Sixth Form Ball Letter


Year 6 ESB


Lower School Newsletter - 29.03.19


Girls' Summer Programme - Pupils


Girls' Sports Summer Letter 2019


Internet Safety Poster


Internet Safety 2019


Lower School Newsletter - 21.01.19


U6 Parents' Meeting - March 2019


Lower School Music Tea


Lower School Newsletter - 14.03.19


Ellesmere Easter Camps Booklet 2019


Talbot House Formal Dinner - March 2019


Lower School Newsletter 08.03.19


Wakeman-Lambart Dinner 2019


Trevanion and Dean Charity Evening


Lower School Newsletter - 01.03.19


Meynell House Dinner 28.03.2019


Year 10 Parents' Meeting - Feb 2019


Woodard House Formal Dinner March 2019


Lower School Newsletter - 08.02.19


Lower School Newsletter - 25.01.19


Wine Tasting Evening


Wine Tasting Evening Flyer


Exam Contingency Day


Lower School Newsletter 18.01.19


Letter to all parents re. boarding


E-safety meeting


Tabor Academy visit April 2019


Academic Options - Years 8 to 9


Lower School Newsletter - 11.01.19


Year 9 Parents' Meeting


Chapel Choir Tour


Squash Coaching - Lent 2019


Fencing Coaching - Lent 2019


Letter to Year 9 Parents


Year 11 to 12 - Academic Options


Lent 2019 Weekend Boarding Activities


House & Team Photographs


The Ellesmerian Club 2018 - Letter to Parents


KS2 Christmas performance


Sixth Form Information for Y11 Parents


Canada Rugby Tour 2019 (reply slip)


Ellesmere Winter Festival Road Closures - 30.11.18


Lower School newsletter - 23.11.18


Exam Preparation


E-Safety Letter Nov 2018


E-Safety Course for Parents


Letter on speed


ISI letter to Parents 2018


Lower School Newsletter - 16.11.18


Year 6 Parents' Evening


Lower School Christmas Party Letter


Lower School Newsletter - 09.11.18


Talbot & Woodard Carol Service - 30.11.2018


Ellesmere College Christmas Cards


Football Tour to Spain October 2019


Wakeman-Lambart & Meynell Carol Service - 02.12.2018


Period Grades - Senior School


Period Grades - Lower School


Year 12 Parents' Meetings


Lower School Newsletter - 22.10.18


Canada Rugby Tour


Lower School Expeditions


Year 7 Expedition Information


Year 7 PGL Kit List


Squash Coaching


Lower School Newsletter - 12.10.18


October Half Term Courses


Michaelmas Expeditions


Year 11 Parents' Meeting


Year 11 Careers Conference


Year 11 Careers Conference Booklet


Change in Rugby Fixtures


Road Closure 1-3 October


Road Closure Map 1-3 October


Lower School Newsletter - 21.09.18


Wider Initiative - Years 8 and 9


Lower School Newsletter - 17.09.18


St Patrick's House Outing Y11


St Patrick's House Outing Y9-10


St Bede's House Outing


Accelerated Reader


Accelerated Home Connect Template


St Aidan's House Outing


St Oswald's House Outing


Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)


Year 7 PGL Camp


Lower School Newsletter - 07.09.18


St Cuthbert's House Outing


Private Hockey Coaching


Hockey Coaching Sessions


Private Cricket Coaching


St John's Start of Term - Michaelmas


Darren Ruff - Health and Fitness Coach


Fencing Coaching


Sports Fixtures Information


ILM Level 3 Award


What's On Guide - Autumn 2018


Summer Courses 2018


A Level Results Day - Parent Portal


Activities - Michaelmas 2018


Daily School Bus Transport 2018-2019


Insurances and School Fees Protection


Activity Charges


Equestrian Events


Lower School Newsletter - 22.06.18


Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award


Information on Lower School Productions and Expeditions


A Level Results Day Information


St Patrick's Cheese and Wine Evening


American University Presentation


Ellesmere Art Exhibition Preview Evening Invitation


Year 11 Prom Photographs


Monduli Walk, Near and Far (May 2018)


Monduli Information - May 2018


Mouth Guard Letter to Parents


Titans Mouth guard


Lower School Newsletter - 18.05.18


NSPCC Follow Up letter


Lower School Newsletter - 11.05.18


Summer 2018 Expeditions


NSPCC Letter


NSPCC Workshop


Lower School Newsletter - 04.05.18


St Aiden's Cheese & Wine Evening


Year 10 Parents' Meeting


Year 11 Update and Prom


Lower School Newsletter - 27.04.18


Girls' Hockey JDC Letter


Girls' Hockey JDC Information


Year 11 Boys' House Placements


Old Ellesmerian Parents' Summer Barbecue


Letter to St John's Parents - 26.04.18


Year 8 Transition to Middle School


Fencing Coaching


Lower School Newsletter - 20.04.18


Meningitis and Septicaemia and School Leaver’s Booster - Letter to Parents


Meningitis and Septicaemia and School Leaver’s Booster - Consent Form


School Immunisation Programme


Health and Fitness Coaching with Darren Ruff


Year 11 Prom Dinner


St Cuthbert's Cheese and Wine Evening


Wakeman Lambart Dinner


Sixth Form Ball Letter


Sixth Form Ball


Weekend Boarding Activities - Summer Term


Easter Courses Information


Lower School Newsletter - 16.03.2018


Lower School Newsletter - 09.03.18


Year 12 UCAS Letter


Coaching Reply Slip


Coaching Letter


Lower School Newlsetter - 02.03.18


Talbot House Dinner


Wakeman-Lambart Dinner


Upper Sixth Parents' Meeting


Lower School Newsletter - 09.02.18


Meynell House Dinner


Year 11 University Letter


Lower School Newsletter - 02.02.18


Chinese Football Tournament Cancelled


Lower School Newsletter - 26.01.18


St John's Boarding Space - 26.01.18


St John's Newsletter - 24.01.18


Lower School Newsletter - 19.01.18


Hockey Coaching - Jan '18


Wind in the Willows


Half Term Tennis and Football Camps


Lower School Newsletter - 12.01.18


Chinese Football Tournament


Year 9 Parents' Meeting


Belize Expedition 2019


Academic Options - Year 11 to 12


Academic Options - Year 9 to 10


Academic Options - Year 8 to 9


Woodard House Dinner - Feb 18


Shooting Letter - Dec 17


Shooting Research Project


Lent Activities - 2018


Lower School Christmas Play - 07.12.17


Letter to Year 11 Parents


2018 Calendar


Lower School Newsletter - 01.12.17


Tennis Camp - Jan 2018


Indoor Tennis Courts - 29.11.17


Team and House Photographs - Mich 2017


Lower School House Plays - 28.11.17


Lower School Newsletter - 24.11.17


Carol Service Invitation - Meynell / Wakeman-Lambart


Lower School Newsletter - 17.11.17


Letter to St John's Parents - 17.11.17


Carol Service Invitation - Woodard, Talbot


Lower School Newsletter - 10.11.17


Monduli Green Scholarship Information


Monduli Green Information


Monduli Green Raffle Scholarship Request


Old Ellesmerian Parents' Wine Tasting


LS Pantomime Visit


Lower School Newsletter


Middle School Play: Stone Cold


A Life in Film Invitation Letter


Lower School Expo's Kit List - 16.10.17


A Life in Film Promotional Poster


Lower 6th Parents' meeting - 16.10.17


Lower School Newsletter - 13.10.17


October Half Term Courses


Lower School Harvest Festival


Sixth Form Courses - FAQ's


Middle School Letter


Lower School Newsletter 06.10.17


Hockey Opportunities - 02.10.17


Hockey Programme - 02.10.17


Expeditions information - Oct 2017


Academic Success


Year 11 - Letter to Parents re Sixth Form


Year 11 Parents Meeting


Harvest Festival Eucharist


Lower School Newsletter


Expeditions 2017


Year 11 Careers Conference


Year 11 Careers Evening Booklet


Lower School Newsletter 22.09.17


Lower School Newlsetter - 15.09.17


Madrid Language Trip - 15.09.17


Confirmation Service - 13.09.17


ST Oswald's House Outing - 12.09.17


ST Patrick's House Outing (Y11) - 12.09.17


ST Patrick's House Outing (Y9) - 12.09.17


Lower School Newsletter - 08.09.17


Weekly Boarder Activities - 08.09.17


LAMDA and ESB - 08.09.17


Fraudulent Bank Details - 07.09.17


Year 7 Expos - PGL - 07.09.17


DofE Bronze October Expos 06.09.17


School Sports Website 06.09.17


St Aidan's House Outing 06.09.17


Year 9 Options - 05.09.17


Year 10 Options - 05.09.17


Year 11 Options - 05.09.17


Life Coaching Letter - 05.09.17


Private Cricket Coaching - 05.09.17


St Cuthbert's House Outing - 05.09.17


Pre-Season Letter


U14 & U15 Pre-season Hockey


Gold Duke of Edinburgh Options


Sports Fixtures Michaelmas - Calendar Amendments


Fencing Coaching


Mouth Guard Ordering


Personal Trainer


Daily School Bus Transport 2017-18


Pupils’ Personal Effects Insurance


Pupils Personal Effects Insurance Scheme


Personal Effects Letter


Pupils' Health Care Scheme


AXA Healthcare Scheme


Fees Refund Scheme - Letter to Parents


Fees Refund Scheme - Guide


EC Fees Refund Scheme


Lower School Newsletter - 23.06.17


Speech Day - Strawberries and Champagne Invitation


Lower School Newsletter


Summer Courses Booklet


Custos' Letter to Parents re School Fees


School Fees 2017-18


Letter to Lower Sixth Parents


Lower School Newsletter - 09.06.17


Lower Sixth to Upper Sixth Letter


Private Tennis Coaching Form Michaelmas Term 2017


New Tennis Centre 2017


Tanzania Trip Letter to Parents


Tanzania Trip Information


Ellesmere Art Exhibition - Anne de Charmant Lecture


Summer Expeditions


Headmasters Letter


A Life in Song


Year 8 Transition to Middle School


Lower School Newsletter - 19.05.17


Monduli Green Walk - Letter to Parents


Monduli Green Information


OEP Barbecue Invitation


OEP Barbecue Flyer


Lower School Newsletter - 12.05.17


Arts Alive: Scorched


Year 11 Prom Photograph Order Form


School Leaver Booster - NHS Letter


School Leaver Booster Letter


Vaccination Consent Form


GCSE Pod for Year 11 Parents


Lower School Newsletter




ECPS Coffee Morning in aid of CRY


Lower School Newsletter - 28.04.17


Wakeman-Lambart House Dinner


St Cuthbert's Cheese and Wine


Sixth Form Ball Letter 2017


Sixth Form Ball 2017


Lower School Newsletter


Year 11 Prom


UCAS Letter


Carmina Burana - SOLD OUT


Lower School Newsletter - 17.3.17


Labels (In association with Arts Alive)


Year 10 Parents' Meeting


Talbot House Dinner


Easter Courses


Belize Expedition - July 2019


Easter Rugby Camp


The New GCSE Grading 9-1 Explained


Lower School Newsletter - 10.3.17


Private Golf Lessons


Fencing Coaching


Meynell House Formal Dinner


Lower School Newsletter - 3.3.17


ECPS - Creative Floral Design Workshop


St Oswald's Phone Number


Hire of Novelty Vehicles and Limousines


Upper Sixth Form Letter to Parents


Year 13 Parents' Meeting


Carmina Burana


Carmina Burana Poster


Lower School Newsletter - 09.02.17


Football Academy Launch Event


WWII Battlefields Trip


Golf Coaching - Summer 2017


Football Academy


Lower School Newsletter - 03.02.17


Tennis Centre


Lower School Newsletter - 27.01.17


Valentine's Ball


Half Term Holiday Courses


Lower School Newsletter - 20.01.17


St Patrick's Photograph


HPV Vaccine - Y8 - Letter to Parents


HPV Vaccine - Y8




Consent Form


Academic Enrichment


Academic Enrichment Calendar


Lower School Newsletter - 13.01.17


St Bede's Photograph


Year 9 Parents' Evening - Jan '17


St Aidan's Photograph


Talbot House Photograph


ESB, LAMDA and Spoken English


St Cuthbert's Photograph


Team Photographs


Woodard House Dinner


Sports Coach Information


Lion Quays Country Club - CORPORATE MEMBERSHIP


Insurance Schemes for Pupils and the Fees Refund Scheme


Wakeman-Lambart House Photographs


Year 10 Options


Year 9 Options


A Level and IB Options


St Oswald's House Photograph


Woodard House Photograph


St Luke's House Photograph


Sixth Form Photograph


Lower School Newsletter 02.12.16


Surf Snowdonia 2017


Letter to Y11 Parents


Monduli Raffle


Monduli Raffle Prizes


Changes to Rugby Fixtures on Sat 26th Nov


Choir CD Recording


Invitation to Carol Service (Talbot / Woodard)


Lower School Newsletter - 17.11.16


Birch Road reopened


Monduli Green Information


Monduli Green Raffle and Scholarship Request


Year 10 Science Competition


Lower School Newsletter - 04.11.16


Closure of Birch Road


Birch Road Roadworks


House Carol Service - Meynell and Wakeman-Lambart


Lower School Tea Towels


Full School Photograph


Sports Coaching Information


Lower Sixth Parents' Meeting


Lower School Newsletter - 14.10.16


Lower School Newsletter - 07.10.16


Ebblinghem Trip Years 7 and 8


Closure of Watergate Street - 10th October


Closure of Watergate Street - Map


Parent Mail 29.06.16


Kingswood Information Letter


Kingswood Packing List


Year 11 Parents' Meeting


Michaelmas Term Expeditions


MultiActive Holiday Courses


Lower School Newsletter - 23.09.16


Expedition Kit - Online Ordering


Expedition Kit - Online Ordering Guide


Cancellation of Rugby Fixture


Spotlight on Sixth Form - Information Booklet


Spotlight on Sixth Form


ECPS Quiz and Curry Night


Changes to Assessment Grades - Assessment Policy


Changes to Assessment Grades


Year 11 Careers Conference


Y9 - RS Exam Options


St Oswald's Piloxing Classes


Sons of Pitches Concert - 22nd October


Bowling Trip - Year 8


Private Golf Lessons


Harvest Festival Eucharist


Harvest Festival (Sep16)


St Patrick's House Outing - Y11


Lower School Newsletter


St Patrick's House Outing


Confirmation Service - 7th May 2017




Year 7 - Religious Studies (Parents' Information)


St Oswald's House Outing


Private Cricket Coaching


Kingswood Visit - Payment Request


St Aiden's House Outing


Trip to Iceland - Easter 2017


St Cuthbert's House Outing


Fencing Coaching


Private Golf Lessons


Gold DofE Information


ECPS Curry and Quiz Night


Changes to Parents' Portal


Mouthguard Orders


ISI Inspection - Letter from the Headmaster


ISI Inspection Report


ISI Inspection - Action Plan


The Ellesmerian Club - Letter to Parents 2018


Wakeman and Meynell House Carol Service


Harry Potter Workshop Poster


The EDGE - Request for Speakers


Ellesmere College - A message from the Headmaster


Letter from the Headmaster - Bursary Campaign


Ellesmere College - OE Golf Day Sep 2020


Letter of thanks to PL


Ellesmere College - November e:bulletin


Age UK Horse Competition


Quick Guide to using Flipbook


Quick Guide to using Flipbook - Ellesmerian 2020


A tribute to Ian Beer on his 90th birthday



Ellesmere College - June e:bulletin


OE What's On - Michaelmas 2021


E:bulletin - Aug 21


Lower School Newsletter


Ellesmerian Club Northern Dinner


Old Ellesmerian Events - May - June 2022


Higher and Foundation GCSE Maths


Ellesmere College Parents' Society September 2022




Oswestry Music Festival Syllabus


Woodard Voices 2023

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