External Examinations

Examinations are a crucial part of your life and it is the aim of Ellesmere College to make the whole experience as stress-free and as successful as possible for you. Your forthcoming examinations can influence what you do in the future, so it is very important to us that you have as much detail as possible. The information contained in this booklet is to help you understand the procedures and policies that are essential to the smooth running of the external examination season. I hope that this guidance will prove informative and helpful for you and your parents. Please read it carefully and show it to your parents so that they are also aware of the examination regulations and the procedures to follow in the event of any problems occurring.

The Examination Boards set down strict criteria that must be followed for the conduct of Examinations and Controlled Assessment and Ellesmere College is required to follow them precisely. You should therefore, pay particular attention to the Notice to Candidates Poster in this guidance. If you or your parents have any queries, need help or advice at any time before, during or after the examinations, please contact the Examinations Office or Head of Middle/Senior School.

Advance Information and changes for Summer 2022:

For access to the advance information and changes for the Summer 2022 examinations please following these steps:

1. Open the GCSE Exam Board or A Level Exam Board list and note the exam board for each subject your child will be sitting in the summer:

2. Click on the relevant Exam Board link below to access and download the information for each exam board, subject and level: 

For additional help please contact our Exam Officer - Mr. James Nicholson:  james.nicholson@ellesmere.com

Good luck in all your forthcoming examinations.

James Nicholson

Examinations Officer - Head of Economics & Business

CAIE Information for Parents & Families for Exams UK - June 2022


Ellesmere College Exam Guidance Booklet 2021-2022

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