Year 9 Pupil Receives Leadership Cup

The CSN Leadership Award Cup was presented this week to a Year 9 pupil who joined the School 2 years ago.  

Mrs Carolyn Newbold, former Head of Lower School, donated the award to Lower School to be presented annually to a pupil who displayed outstanding performances in a range of activities.

Naomi Craig, who started in Middle School earlier this month, returned  to Lower School this week to be the first recipient of the Award and receive the Cup from Mrs Sharon Owen, Head of Lower School. Mrs Owen commented, Naomi epitomises the true Ellesmerian spirit.  Naomi is a talented musician, swimmer, Games player and shot.  She balances a hectic training schedule with academic work and achieves excellent results.  Naomi thoroughly deserves this prestigious award as, above all else, she is a lovely girl.

Whilst Naomi has a small cup to proudly display at home,  the CSN Leadership Cup has been replaced in the Lower School Trophies cabinet and will be presented again at the end of this academic year to another deserving young pupil.

30th September 2010  Back to News