Year 9 Industry Challenge Day

Year 9 Industry Challenge Day

On Friday 13th June all Ellesmere Year 9 pupils participated in an industry challenge.

The activities gave the pupils, operating in nine mixed school teams, the opportunity to run a business for the day, gaining valuable skills in team-working, communicating, planning, decision making and working under pressure. They had an insight into industry in the 21st century and, potentially, their future world of work.

The students managed companies in van manufacture, utilising card templates for assembly and construction. The activity was very much cross-curricular enabling students to appreciate in a realistic context how different subjects relate to teach other and the importance of co-ordination and flexibility in a set business activity.

The exercise required the students to run rival companies, which had to meet contract deadlines to strict quality control standards. The pupils faced all kinds of problems, including fierce competition, shortages of materials, faulty parts, design changes, computer crashes, changes of government policy and challenges to manage their business through all this to make a profit.

Stephen Mullock, Head of Business Education at Ellesmere, commented, "as well as developing enterprise into the curriculum, we are keen to give our pupils the opportunity to work in teams, develop their entrepreneurial flair, have fun and appreciate the importance of business skills in today's competitive and dynamic commercial world."

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