Year 8 Physics Challenge

This term Year 8 Physics lessons took an interesting twist recently when the pupils were challenged to put their scientific creative skills to the test and make a simple model or experiment which would illustrate some aspect of physics.

Recently, the 4th annual Year 8 Physics competition was held which produced a wide range of projects, from an exposition on black holes to rockets and the Bernoulli Effect.

All the year group pupils were involved in the Science Challenge, working individually or in groups. They were expected, firstly within their class groups, then with the top performers in a grand final, to explain their model and the relevant physics behind it. Questions on the science involved were also encouraged from their audiences.

The Grand Final was held last Friday in the Schools Arts Centre and was a curtain-raiser to the Parents Evening, with judges Mrs. Owen, Head of Middle School and Mr. Sampson, Deputy Head Pastoral and Physics Teacher, having a hard task picking out a winner. The models were then left in situ for a Year 8 parents evening that evening.

In the end they settled on James Haddens demonstration of an electric motor. James model was titled The Electromagnet Motor and he gave an explanation of his experiment, The cell releases electricity through the copper wire through to the coil of wire.  When a coil of wire has electricity going through it emits an electromagnetic field.  This field interacts with the two magnets on both sides, one magnet attracts, one repels, the attracting and repelling spins the motor. However to reduce the electricity wasted the wire has been twisted round the wire so it only contacts it 50% of the time. Momentum spins it into the next cycle and so goes on and on until the battery runs out.  

Dale Crawford, Physics Teacher and co-ordinator of the Year 8 Physics Challenge commented, It has been good to see the wide range of interesting ideas this week, and the level of enthusiasm everyone has shown. Physics is often thought of as a difficult and inaccessible subject, but our Year 8 pupils have shown us that it can be found in all aspects of life. Weve had some great work and congratulations to all.

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Pictured is competitions winner James Hadden.

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