Titans Make Waves at National Speedo League Gala

Titans Make Waves at National Speedo League

Titans Make Waves at National Speedo League Gala.

 First I heard a tremor, then I felt a huge breaking wave descending upon me. Those were the words of one swimmer at the end of the last leg of the Open freestyle relay – the final event of Round 1 of this year’s National Speedo League competition - as former British Olympian Darren Mew – now representing the Ellesmere College Titans – all guns blazing - descended upon him to win.

 Commenting upon winning this freestyle relay Darren Mew said “This final event encapsulated the fantastic team spirit that was shown throughout this gala by all of the Titan swimmers and supporters. The Titans young swimmers have a never say die attitude and their positive mental attitude is infectious”.

 With a team of just 15 swimmers – many having to swim up a full  two age groups and compete in up to 8 events - the Titans arrived at the brand new Leigh Sports Village complex near Wigan last Saturday  ready to do battle at the Club’s first ever team gala fixture.

 By the end of the evening they had swum their way into overall third position behind Bolton and Northwich but in front of Garston, Lancaster and Ellesmere Port.

 The final team points were as follows:

 Bolton                                185

Northwich                          163

Ellesmere College Titans   143

Garston                              138

Lancaster                           126

Ellesmere Port                    85

 Inspired by Darren Mew’s gigantic Olympic presence Titan swimmers swam their way to 16 Personal Best times and 8 First Places.

 Darren Mew won the 100m breaststroke event in a time which was just a few seconds off world record pace; and Alfie Pardoe, aged 10, swam the 100m backstroke in 1:18.45, a fraction of a second off the current British Age Group Number 1 ranking time.

 Head Coach Jon Pardoe said “the night was not really about individual performances. Instead it was a demonstration of team spirit, sheer grit and determination and above all what can be achieved against the odds when there is a collective desire to go for it and the sights are set high. Against big city clubs, founded decades of years ago, with hundreds of swimmers to select from – the Titans definitely did both Ellesmere College and the town of Ellesmere proud”.

 So congratulations to Jamie Thomas, Alfie Pardoe, Kate Parry, Ottillie Fairhurst, Hannah Greene, Elliot Hughes, Courtney Pickstone, David Main, Lauren Bond, Daniel Howell, Annie Mellings, Helena Kocourkova, Raphaella Ring, Annie Jones and of course Darren Mew.

 The Titans now move onto Round 2 on November 8th.

 Further details about joining the Ellesmere Titans can be found on their website www.ellesmerecollegetitans.co.uk or by telephoning Jon Pardoe on 07903 641668. Further details on scholarships and places at Ellesmere College can be obtained from the College Admissions Secretary on 01691 622321 or by email at admissions.secretary@ellesmere.com .

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