Titans Continue to Improve on Personal Bests

The Titans 800m & 1500m Swimming Championships took place last Saturday  at the Schools pool. Over 30 swimmers competed, watched by dozens of parents, grandparents and other family members.

Overall awards, based on an age and gender handicap determined by British swimming, were achieved by the top 3 in each event.

In the 32 lengths 800m Freestyle race, Hector Pardoe came first with an impressive time of 10:34.23, Luke Parker achieved a time of 11:03.91 and Alfie Pardoe 9:48.28. In the longer, 60 lengths Freestyle race,  times achieved were, Hector Pardoe, 20:28.49, Luke Parker, 21:10.07 and Alfie Pardoe, 18:43.33.

Hector's times achieved in the 800m & 1500m, as well as those achieved by Alfie's in both these races and Lukes 800m times were all Personal Bests. Previous Under 9 and Under 10 Club Records were also smashed with Hector's 800m & 1500m times.

Jon Pardoe, Head Coach, commented, All the swimmers did particularly well on the day. Hector's times in both the 800m & 1500m are the fastest recorded by a 9 year old in the UK this year. It is possible that his 1500m time would have been sufficient to have won him an Olympic medal at the 1928 California Games!

Other Lower School swimmers who participated and achieved personal bests were:

Rosie Holland 800m = 16:01.84; 1500m = 32:18.12
Jack Bacon 800m = 14:03.66; 1500m = 26:23.00
Eleanor Shields 800m = 13:38.78; 1500m = 27:04.01
Thomas Holland 800m = 13:15.35; 1500m = 27:10.98

Ian Williams, Director of Sports added,  'The Titans group of elite swimmers continue to excel in their performance and congratulations to everyone who took part and did so very well

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