Theatre Company Brings History to Life for Lower School Pupils

Lower School children were treated to a highly interactive history lesson featuring the Romans, Vikings and Saxons. Entertainment Company 'Arty-Fact', who delivers informative productions for schools, dropped into Ellesmere College to provide an hour's performance, based on historical events called 'Let's Dig It'.

Marcus Cooper from Art-Fact said "It's really important to show the connection between the people and their artefacts, which are uncovered in modern day times. The show is all about getting children involved, and it's loosely based around a curator who needs to come up with new ways of keeping his museum open".

The performance, complete with costumes, scenery and puppets provided a chronological understanding of key historical events and encourages children to explore their imagination and inspire creativity through story telling. Head of Drama at Ellesmere Rachel Shubert said "Theatre Companies such as Arty-Fact highlight the importance of arts and creativity in our schools and it's also a unique way of teaching certain subjects, like bringing history to life".

13th June 2016  Back to News