The EDGE Lecture Series – Charlie Adlard

Internationally renowned artist, Charlie Adlard, came in to College to talk to some of our Sixth Form students about his career and experiences in becoming a professional illustrator.

In an interview with Head Boy, Will Davies, Charlie told the audience how important creative subjects are to both education and in the business world. He answered many questions relating to a career in the world of Art and how he sought opportunities in a very competitive field of work.

Charlie was a budding artist from a very young age, he recalls drawing comic strips from as young as six years old and was drawing and sketching at every opportunity. He studied Art at College and lived in London for a while, seeking work, before returning to his home town of Shrewsbury.

Charlie is most well known for being the penciller on the Walking Dead since 2004; his other notable works include Savage, the X Files and the 2000AD series, including Judge Dredd, and Armitage. He is a regular supporter of Ellesmere College and has previously featured unseen artwork, life drawing sketches and original pieces from published works at the College's National Art Exhibition.

"I've been involved in Art as Education more in the last few years, due to my role as UK Comics Laureate, and have become increasingly aware of the importance of such things. I hope, in some small way, my contribution will help someone achieve their dreams, just like I did. Teenagers need to know the opportunities available to them, the careers that can be made and how much job satisfaction can be had out of a life in the arts world as well."

Designed as just one element of Ellesmere's Leadership and Entrepreneurship programme, The Edge lectures are designed to give our students a helping hand when entering the world of university and work. By connecting to the 5,000+ Old Ellesmerians worldwide, the younger generation can gain from their expertise and experience, creating mentoring and work experience opportunities in many professional fields.

Offered to all Sixth Form and Year 11 students, the programme has proven to be very successful since it started in 2012. Students have had the opportunity to see and speak to OEs and parents of many professions including doctors, lawyers, architects, engineers, military, entrepreneurs and many more.

If you would be interested in attending a lecture or might be keen to offer a talk on your career or business, please contact Olivia Beckett: / 01691 626541.

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