Success in National Competition for Budding Mathematicians

Budding mathematicians at Ellesmere College took part in the latest Primary Math's Challenge which attracts schools from across the country. This year, over 70,000 pupils from 1,875 schools took part in the Challenge which is organised by The Mathematical Association.

A number of pupils from Ellesmere's Lower School achieved excellent results in the tests that are aimed at the top 60% of pupils in Years 5 and 6. The tests allow pupils to take part in a national challenge which involves 20 multiple choice questions and 5 "super" challenges at the end. Those scoring the top marks within the school are awarded with Gold, Silver and Bronze awards respectively.

Elaine Phillips, KS2 Academic Coordinator, said "I was really pleased with their endeavors and hold out great hope for their long term mathematical achievements. This is a great competition which continues to challenge our brightest young mathematicians".

Gold Winners -

  • Sarala Chatterjee yr6
  • Molly Tumelty yr 6
  • Toby Freer-Carmichael Yr 6

Silver Winners -

  • Jakob Gescher Yr 6
  • Abigail Parker Yr 6
  • Charlie Ann-Williams yr6
  • Alanah O'Brien Yr5

Bronze Winners -

  • Kezzie Hutchings Yr 5
  • James Manton Yr 5
  • Gabrielle Melbourne-Smith Yr5
  • Dominic Robinson Yr 6
  • Rosie Holland Yr 6
  • Jake Redshaw Yr 6

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