Students Visit United Nations Peace Palace to Debate

Last weekend a group of students had the opportunity to join schools from around Europe to debate as part of a Model United Nations forum.

Representing China, Israel and Amnesty International, the students joined 400 other students to debate a number of issues as part of a mock United Nations General Assembly and Security Council, ranging from Measures to Decrease the Amount of Toxic Waste to Human Rights Abuse in the Diamond Fields of Zimbabwe.

Travelling to The Hague in the Netherlands, two days were spent lobbying and debating resolutions in a local school and then on Sunday the team travelled to the United Nations Peace Palace to debate further at the Academy of International Law.

Dominick Coppinger, Year 12 commented, The whole experience was both exhilarating and terrifying but definitely the best school trip that I have ever attended. The social side of it was also particularly good and it was great to meet so many new people.

This is the second time that Cathy Allen, Head of English as an Additional Language, has accompanied a group from Ellesmere College to a Model United Nations event and she added,  These forums give the students exposure to a variety of cultural attitudes and gives them an insight into the need for international understanding and cooperation. Having the resolution proposed by our team representing China passed was certainly a highlight of the event for us all.

9th March 2010  Back to News