Students To Participate in The Hague International Model United Nations

6 Sixth Form students from the School are off to Holland in the near future to participate in the internationally represented Model United Nations.

Over 3,200 students and teachers from 200 schools in 100 countries will be coming together for a realistic simulation of the United Nations. Based in The Hague World Forum Convention Centre, the theme for this large Model United Nations debating forum will be Seas and Oceans. The group of Lower Sixth Form students will be representing UNCLOS, the United Nations Convention on Law of the Sea.

The Schools participation in the Model United Nations was instigated by Cathy Allen, Head of English as an Additional Language. Although this is the 6th time that Sixth Form students have had the opportunity to join in a Model United Nations debating forum, this is a particularly special occasion. Cathy Allen who will be accompanying the group to The Hague, explained,  This is the first time that the School has been invited to join this prestigious forum, THIMUN, The Hague International Model United Nations.

She added, The students will take part in the debates leading to the formation of resolutions in the General Assembly, ECOSOC and special committees of the UN on many issues of importance related to the worlds oceans and seas.

The simulation that will last 6 days and will be attended by a truly international group of Sixth Formers, Local English students Becky Orr and Louis Bostock-Williams from Ellesmere, and Catherine Mackworth, from Shrewsbury, are joined by Kamilya Salina, from Kazhakstan, Ruoqi Lin from China and Sasha Kien from Vietnam for this amazing experience.

Becky Orr commented, Although we expect to know the names of countries other delegates will be representing, we will undoubtedly, through the debates, learn much from fellow student representatives of these countries, about their ideas and polices. As has happened to previous Ellesmere students who have participated in Model United Nations forums, we anticipate ending up having gained new friends from all over the world by the end of the event.

The International Baccalaureate Coordinator at the School, Dr. Ian Tompkins added, The Model United Nations event embraces the ethos of the IB Diploma that is offered at Ellesmere since it focuses on fostering understanding and cooperation amongst students from around the world.

Students L-R  Kamilya Salina, Louis Bostock-Williams,  Rupqi Lin, Catherine Mackworth, Sasha Kien, Becky Orr

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