Students Pass Personal Finance Test with Flying Colours

Over 20 Year 9 pupils have successfully completed the Institute of Financial Services (ifs) Award in Personal Finance, with 70% securing distinctions and merits.

Pupils have been studying the award designed to equip them with the knowledge and skills to understand the basis of money managements and financial capability. Pupils gained awareness of the influences on how we spend or save money, and of the tools available to become competent at financial management.

The school introduced the programme as a way of developing important skills across the middle school curriculum in order to provide a base for successful financial decision making.

Head of Business Stephen Mullock said "Since the introduction of the course as an enrichment opportunity within the Year 9 curriculum, the focus and dedication the pupils have shown to the course has been outstanding. The nature of the course and the various topics covered around the world of finance and money management has led to a sustained uptake in the IGCSE Business Course and A level Business in the Sixth Form".

As part of the Schools ongoing commitment to academic enrichment activities and helping pupils with their self-confidence and motivation. Ellesmere has also teamed up with Thomas Education, which offers psychometric profiling. This has been developed to aid young people, and to understand their strengths, improve their self-awareness, self-esteem and focus.

Head of Middle School Tom Gareth said "This opens up possibilities for pupils to find and research career choices that are compatible with their attitude, natural working strengths, values and personality; this will greatly increase their chances of long-term career success and satisfaction".

2nd February 2016  Back to News