Students Debate Successfully at the Bath International Schools' MUN Conference

Middle School pupils were successful in the recent Bath International Schools' Model United Nations Conference.

Participating students took on the role of a particular country and then debated on a variety of global issues in an international committee. Among the issues this year were the role of child soldiers, cyber warfare, and the emergence of ISIS.

Angel Xia was commended for her work as a delegate for Ireland in the Economic Committee and Ross Murdoch was awarded the title of 'highly commended' for his contribution as a delegate for Ireland in the Disarmament Committee. Fellow participant Sean Allen who made a strong impression in the Political Committee, said "Having had a first taste of the Model United Nations concept at my PSHE morning in Year 9, I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to practise my public speaking and conflict resolution skills at this event in Bath. I enjoyed agreeing and amending resolutions with delegates from all over the UK and further afield and outlining my agenda. This was a great event because there were so many other pupils with a deep interest in current affairs and worldwide politics."

As in previous years, our Year 9 pupils will explore the Model United Nations concept during a PSHE morning in June. Meanwhile, interested pupils in Years 11 and above are encouraged to participate in the MUN trip to Leiden, the Netherlands, in November 2017 and can obtain more information from the organisers, Mr Crawford (Teacher of Physics) and Mrs Westwood (HoD MFL).

10th March 2017  Back to News