Student Wins Place At British Film Academy

A budding film director has won a place at the British Film Academy to attend a residential course in film directing. Sixth Form Student Jacob Roberts had to submit examples of his latest productions and details of his film making to a selected panel that chose the lucky few to attend the course.

The course was established by the British Film Academy to nurture the nation's most promising young talent.

The British Film Academy training involves practical workshops and exclusive master classes in filming and production by BAFTA and Oscar winning industry professionals such as Director James Marsh (Man on a Wire), Producer Simon Chinn (Oscar and BAFTA award winner for Man on a Wire, Searching for Sugarman, The Imposter) and the BBC's commissioning Editor for documentaries, Roger Bolton.

Participants are also involved in practical workshops that teach camera skills, recording sound and editing of film content. The week will culminate with the students producing a short documentary which will be screened in a London cinema (Rich Mix in Shoreditch) on the final Saturday.

Jacob Roberts, 17, said "This is a great opportunity for me to learn some new skills and certain industry techniques from the best in the field, with a view to build a career in the film industry after university. I am also looking forward to put into practice what I have learned as assistant director in our forthcoming school play 'Romeo and Juliet', which is in March.

This course provides an opportunity to go behind the scenes and witness how documentaries are created and produced as well as how they are managed by organisations such as the British Board of Film Censorship"

21st February 2014  Back to News