Student Recognised in MUN Awards

Year 11 student, Pratham Manchanda, has received two separate awards by the MUN having attended two Model United Nations programme conference delegations over the winter break.

The goal of the MUN is to promote the ideals and principles of the United Nations among the youth and university students in particular. They aim to provide young adults with a multilateral platform to discuss various global issues that are handled by the UN.

The first of the programmes that Pratham was involved with saw him take up the position of "Chair" in the Indo-China war cabinet, for which his work and abilities were recognised.

The Aspirant Youth Foundation said "Pratham demonstrated excellent diplomatic skills and a depth of knowledge at the Aspirant Statesman Conference". On top of this recognition he was also presented with a trophy, a certificate of excellence and a small financial remuneration.

As if that was not enough, Pratham then attended the Prudent MUN 2017 and was allocated the role of a delegate of Lebanon in the General assembly (DISEC). Throughout the programme, Pratham's abilities to communicate, listen and influence others in decision making were also evident and he was awarded the best delegate for which he gained a trophy and another cash prize of approximately £85 pounds.

Pratham said "The variety of activities and roles I have been involved with already in my short time at Ellesmere College have given me enormous confidence to take part in such events, events I certainly would not have done in the past. I am used to standing up in a group due to the many presentational opportunities I have already done and am grateful to my tutor Mrs Curzon for all her support in helping me to take part in these events".

With Pratham's success clearly evident, we will look forward to seeing more of him on a wider political spectrum in years to come.

15th January 2018  Back to News