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Improving our bowlers with the latest 'Hawk Eye' based technology. Sensors in the nets capture ball by ball records of every delivery and the standard achieved.

The software provides both instant feedback, and a wealth of data for later, detailed analysis. Line and length, ball speed, shot selection, scoring against simulated teams, in-net run chases against software simulated fielding sides, LBW adjudications, records of wicket balls, accuracy, and automatic player ID are just some of the instant features available to each player.

George Newton, Cheshire U12, says: PitchVision is a great way of tracking your progress throughout the years as you become older. I am looking forward to using PitchVision this season and also throughout the winter to see how I am improving.
Rod Jones, Cricket Academy Director: It is a really useful way of the boys monitoring themselves, with my overview to see how players are developing. We can use PitchVision all year round to monitor progress and develop some serious bowling skills. 

Muscle Figure for Science Departments

Students can now dissect a body and see the underlying structures and skeletal attachment points, all in 3 dimensions. 

The naming of muscles, their place in the body and their structure and function are a fundamental part of GSCE PE, 'A' Level PE, 'A' Level Biology and IB Biology. Muscles and the skeleton are also covered in both KS3 and KS4 Biology.  The newly acquired Muscle Figure gives a more 'hands on' approach to the subject and is of great benefit to both our visual and kinaesthetic learners.
Ranjit Chatterjee, Head of Middle School, commented: On hearing about the acquisition of the muscle figure many pupils came along to see it.  They were all keen to see how much came apart!  It is great to see the effect it has had on the inquiring minds of our pupils.  In terms of lessons, it will be a great tool for teaching anatomy and digestion in both Biology and PE.  Thank you to all those who made it possible.
Nick Pettingale, Director of Development, who has led the Enhance Ellesmere campaign said... ''Our students and staff are very grateful to all those who have contributed to the school; these additions make a huge difference to their studies and certainly do 'enhance' their education. The spirit of generosity around Ellesmere was demonstrated again this week with an OE pledging an Academic Scholarship for the Sixth Form, providing 50% of day fees. However we still need some 14,000 to complete the projects, so your donation, no matter how small, will make a big difference.

I also believe in honouring and recognising the generosity of donors and so at the end of the year we will publish our annual review with the names of our donors and the projects that are completed.

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