Speakers of Distinction at Ellesmere College!

Speakers of Distinction at Ellesmere College!



Ellesmere College Sixth Form students have achieved extremely high grades in the Advanced Certificate in Spoken English Examination run by the English Speaking Board.

There has been a bumper crop of Sixth Form results in the English Speaking Board exams with 21 (over 70%) of our candidates achieving either Distinction or top Merits. Especially newsworthy is the fact that for the second year running Ellesmere has entered their International Baccalaureate overseas students for the English first language version of the examination and many of them have managed to achieve the highest grades.

Head of English at Ellesmere, Stephen Purcell commented, 'We are very proud of our senior students' performance in their ESB exams: excellent examination results, success in public speaking competitions and the dynamic performance programme in Arena Arts provide the perfect context for ambitious achievements in oral communication. Bearing in mind the significant oral elements in the IB examinations, we are delighted that amongst these high performers there are students who have come from abroad and been able to develop their second language skills to this impressive degree."

Seven students who participated in the external examination received the top grade of distinction. They were; Melida Burger, Harry Christie-Bennett, Yasmin Rahbari, Hendrik Scheer, Carolin Spink, Ashley Whittle and Catherine Wignall. Dania Al-Romhein, David Anders-Richards, Elizabeth Boffey, Charles Butt, Alexander Clewlow, Amy Cooper, Thomas Davies, Tessa Fawcett, Colin Fergusson, Emma Johnson, Charlotte Lewis, Rosemarie Mack, Harriet Tomlinson and Ferdinand Wollenberg all achieved a merit plus grade.

Stephen Purcell, added, 'The students have been through an extremely rigorous procedure, working in a group for an entire day under the scrutiny of an examiner. They were tested in just about every conceivable aspect of oral communication from individual presentations to group discussions. These exams are a wonderful foundation for the skills demanded by higher education and life beyond. Our pupils have shown very special abilities as communicators'.

Spoken English is one of the co-curricular activities offered at Ellesmere to all pupils from Year 3 to the Sixth Form, and is linked to a graded scheme of English Speaking Board examinations.






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