Year 9 October Expedition

Year 9 October Expedition

Year 9 October Expedition

70 Pupils from Year 9, along with 7 sixth form pupils and 9 members of staff, took part in a 3 day expedition in Betws-y-Coed, North Wales at the end of half term in October. They were there to put in to practice the skills that they had been developing over the course of the previous 6 weeks.

After arriving at the campsite at lunchtime, their camp craft was swiftly put into practice as 30 tents - their homes for the next two nights - were pitched and made secure.

The afternoon was then taken up by their chosen activity;

Mountain biking around a lake in the hills around Betws.








Climbing and abseiling in the rocks above the town.



Kayaking on another lake in the area.


The weather was kind, on both half-days, for these activities and all involved enjoyed and rose to the challenges involved. This format was to be repeated during the morning of the third day, with equal enthusiasm and success, before the trip back to the college.


The middle day was set aside for the ascent of Snowdon by a variety of routes according to ability. The weather was not so kind for this challenge and the morning started out very wet indeed. However, the forecast was good and the expedition went ahead.






















Unfortunately, soon after this picture was taken the weather changed dramatically and winds of 60mph sprang up. This gave the rain, which also became much heavier, the ability to find its way through the waterproof layers of everyone in the group and also through walking boots. The decision was sensibly taken to return to Pen-y-pass and the safety of the minibuses. Upon returning to the campsite, the sun promptly came out and allowed everyone to attempt to dry out their soaking clothing over the course of the afternoon. A trip into the town and various team building activities made up the remainder of the time that day.


The three days were certainly an adventure for everyone and well worth the effort. The pupils returned to school ready for the welcome rest of a week's holiday over half term, but also with some good memories of their experiences.


We now aim to build on this success and develop the range of experiences available. The current activities - climbing, shooting, first aid, and map reading - will all continue through to the Lent half-term. In addition, pupils will also sample each of the following activities for one week - sailing or related activity, mountain biking, signals, rifle familiarisation, theory of flight and team building exercises.


It is hoped that these experiences will enable them to make a suitable choice of discipline (CCF (all services) or Duke of Edinburgh's Award (also available within the CCF), Green Team etc.) to pursue for the rest of their time at Ellesmere College


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