Sixth Form Students to Participate in Model United Nations

Ten Sixth Form students will be traveling to Holland next week to participate in the internationally represented Model United Nations.

Four hundred students from around the world will come together for a realistic simulation of the United Nations, with some of the debates being held in the UN Peace Palace in The Hague. The team has been chosen to represent China, Israel and Amnesty International.

The Schools participation in the Model United Nations was instigated by Cathy Allen, Head of English as an Additional Language, and this will be the second time Sixth Form students have had the opportunity to join in the Model United Nations debating forum. Cathy Allen, who will be accompanying the group to The Hague, commented, We will be taking part in the debates leading to the formation of resolutions in the Security Council and General Assemblies on many issues of importance to the world at present - ranging from the use of nanotechnology, to the question of self-determination and security in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The  simulation lasts for three days and the Ellesmere College group is truly international with English students Joshua Boswell and Dominick Coppinger participating alongside Artyom Drobysh, from Russia, Georg Berezkin, Rebecca Maas, Viktoria Schaeff, Ludwig Schinzing, Fredi Steinebach, Niko Wojtynia, from Germany and Ouming Huang from China.

The International Baccalaureate Coordinator at the School, Dr. Ian Tompkins added, The Model United Nations event embraces the ethos of the IB Diploma that is offered at Ellesmere since it focuses on fostering understanding and cooperation amongst students from around the world.

Photo : From left to right: Artyom Drobysh, Niko Wojtynia, Ludwig Schinzing, Joshua Boswell, Dominick Coppinger, Georg Berezkin, Fredi Steinebach, Rebecca Maas, Viktoria Schaeff, Ouming Huang

25th February 2010  Back to News