School Teams Design Planes in Science Exercise

Pupils from Year 9 have been involved in an innovative project that uses a multidisciplinary approach called Science, Technology, Engineering and Math's (STEM). Pupils were asked to build model planes as part of the project that enables young people to develop their creativity, problem-solving and employability skills.

The program uses a mock corporation-style project that reinforces learning by having students research, design, test, and build model planes. Working in design teams, students wrote proposals, drew sketches, and worked with models to develop a plan that met specific design requirements spelt out by their Design and Technology teacher, Jonathon Haycock. Each design team built their own model planes based on their market research.

"This project allows students extra time to process and analyse what they are doing in science and math's, and then write about it. We are starting to see real results," Jonathon said. "The pupils are making real connections and seem to be free in expressing what they know, what they see, and what they want to know."

STEM Clubs can motivate students and build their confidence with STEM subjects and also provide extra opportunities for children who already show an aptitude and are interested in furthering their learning.

18th January 2013  Back to News