Record Pupil Numbers at Ellesmere College

New Staff Group Shot

During the summer holiday there has been much activity at Ellesmere College preparing for the arrival of pupils and staff. The building work has included the creation of a new boys' sixth from boarding house, St. Luke's; a new biology laboratory; an indoor swimming pool; and an extension to St. Oswald's House to accommodate the increased number of girls in the Sixth Form. With the arrival of 138 new pupils, there are now 585 pupils at the School and there is an expectation that this number will further increase during the academic year. Pupils range between 8 and 18 years with a class of 13 eight year old pupils having just begun their education at Ellesmere in a Year 4 class.

Brendan Wignall, Headmaster commented, 'whilst there is a national decline in pupil numbers and some independent schools are finding it difficult to keep up their numbers, I am delighted that, at Ellesmere College, we continue to grow.' The increase in numbers does not affect class sizes and we will continue to offer an average class size of around sixteen pupils.'

To support the increase in pupil numbers a group of new teachers have joined the School. They include James Baggaley, Housemaster for the new St Luke's Boarding House; Elinor Baker, Learning Support; Amy Darrant, Head of Physics; Lynne Stewart-Harris, Business Economics and Maths; David Hawkins, Biology & Junior Science; Judith Hibbott, Learning Support; Nicky Hoy, Tennis Academy, Margaret Hutchings, English & Media; Kenneth Paul, Maths and Assistant Housemaster St Luke's; Anwen Pugh, Physical Education; Dionne Walker-Smith, English and Media Studies.




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