RAF Shawbury Station Commander visits Ellesmere

RAF Shawbury Station Commander visits Ellesmere

On Thursday, 17th May, the Combined Cadet Force at Ellesmere received their biennial inspection which was conducted by the Senior Officer at RAF Shawbury

This morning, the helicopter transporting Group Captain Paul Cunningham from RAF Shawbury, flew over Ellesmere and landed onto one of the playing fields. The Station Commander, accompanied by his wife, was met by Lt. Col. G. Hutchinson, the Contingent Commander of Ellesmere's Combined Cadet Force and proceeded to the Headmaster's House where the Headmaster entertained the party to lunch.

During the afternoon's visit to the School, Group Captain Cunningham met cadets from all the Service Sections and watched a number of activities. The Navy Section were sailing on Whitemere, the Army Cadets had field exercises in local woodlands and the RAF were kayaking locally too.

During the afternoon, Fl. Lt. Mike Cauchi, an Ellesmere College parent, and RAF pilot stationed at RAF Shawbury,

Also in attendance during the afternoon were Navy PELO, Al Reid and the Officer in Charge of 32nd Cadet Training Team, Captain Robert Whittaker. At the end of the visit, the cadets paraded on the terraces and trophy presentations were made to three cadets. Coxswain Jed Denham, Best Navy Cadet; Best Army Cadet, Under Officer Will Norris and Best RAF Cadet, Harriet Devonald. The R. Blake Hartley Memorial Trophy was won by Sergeant Iain Disspain, an Army Cadet.

Graham Hutchinson commented, 'We were all very grateful to Group Captain Cunningham, a busy senior officer, for finding the time to visit the School. It is extremely valuable for the cadets to meet and talk with regular service personnel. Such visits increase the Cadets' knowledge and awareness of the armed services role in modern times.'



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