RAF Pilots Visit Lower School Pupils

Lower School pupils got the experience of a life time when pilots from RAF Shawbury dropped in to meet the children and to talk to them about life as a pilot. The visit was part of the 'Survive and Thrive' programme at the school which aims to enrich children's characters through experience and challenge.

Dominic Freer-Carmichael aged 12 said "Seeing a helicopter landing close up, speaking to the pilots and actually sitting in the helicopter was amazing. Both pilots were really nice and they answered all our questions".

The enrichment programme that was deemed 'an outstanding provision' in a recent inspection also aims to develop children's leadership skills and increase self-confidence. Activities from the arts, sports and media take place every Wednesday afternoon.

Michael Coats, Head of IT, said "We see helicopters flying over the school every day and thanks to the RAF we managed to arrange one to drop in. It's great for the pupils to see an operational helicopter first hand and to learn about its capabilities on operations, it's a fantastic life experience for the pupils".

8th March 2013  Back to News