Pupils Excel in National Mathematics Challenge

Following their recent participation in the National Intermediate Mathematics Challenge a group of top performing pupils have now received their results.

Whilst 9 pupils won Silver awards and 4 pupils achieved Gold awards, Year 10 pupil, Mark McBrien excelled in the Challenge and won the Best in School award. Fellow Year 10 students, Joseph Haigh and Andy Main also gained Gold awards, as well as Christian Cieslik in Year 11.

Silver awards were gained by Year 9 pupils, Benjamin Hughes and John Leadbeater. John Paul, Dominic Simpson and Luke Taylor in Year 10 as well as Gordon Humphreys, Ryan Morley, Katherine Neary and Freya West in Year 11 also achieved Silver awards.

Another 10 pupils from Years 9, 10 and 11 also gained Bronze awards. They were all applauded in the last assembly of term and Mark McBrien was presented with his certificate by the Headmaster, Brendan Wignall.

John Cowley, Head of Mathematics commented, It is always good to see our pupils performing well in the Mathematics Challenge. There is no special preparation for it and so it is a real test of their mathematical ability. I particularly congratulate Mark on his notable success.

1st April 2010  Back to News