Physics Challenge Sparks Pupils Ideas In The Classroom

Year 8 Physics lessons took an interesting twist when pupils were challenged to put their scientific creative skills to the test and make a model experiment that would illustrate some aspect of physics.

Ellesmere pupils worked individually and in groups to construct their model experiments from their own particular interests in the subject. Dominic Freer - Carmichael, 12 said "It was really good fun and interesting to see everyone's ideas. We researched a lot about air pressure and particle arrangements for our experiment, and we managed to come third, which is great"

Competition finalists were judged on their ability to explain their model and answer questions on the science behind it and its relevance to physics. The challenge is part of the Gifted and Talented programme at Ellesmere that offers both extension and enrichment activities, that allow pupils to independently explore topics in more detail and encourage independence in thinking, learning and self-reliance.

Eve Davies and Libby Hughes (pictured) won the challenge with their balloon car which demonstrated Sir Isaac Newton's three laws of motion.

Amy Darrant, Head of Department Physics commented, "It has been good to see the wide range of interesting models and the high level of enthusiasm everyone has shown. I was really impressed with all the finalists and the way they all demonstrated their knowledge of physics. It was a very close competition with the first five teams separated by only a few marks. We are now looking forward to demonstrate their ability in the forthcoming national engineering competition which is oganised by the Faraday Institute.

12th February 2013  Back to News