Old Ellesmerian Offers Business Internship to Students

Former Ellesmere College student - Alex Loven - who owns and runs a successful international business, is offering its Sixth Form students the opportunity of an internship with his company.


The business internship with Wrexham-based Net World Sports runs for 12 months and is aimed at students who either wish to defer higher education for a year or those with alternative plans to college or university.


Alex Loven, CEO and Owner of Net World Sports and an 'Old Ellesmerian', will offer the internship to one student this year, wider world events permitting, with the possibility of expanding it to more in 2021.


Net World Sports is an international sports equipment provider, offering more than 6,000 sporting ranges - 95 per cent of which are its own brand.


Mr Loven said: "After delivering a talk at Ellesmere College, I came to understand that university isn't for everyone, it certainly wasn't right for me, so I wanted to give the brightest, most driven students the opportunity to join Net World Sports and grow with us! The Net World Sports Business Internship is a post-A Level alternative to higher education, giving Ellesmere College students the opportunity to gain practical work experience across several different departments; from sales to customer services, web development and accounts, or logistics and marketing - we have it all."


"All of our current managers have progressed through the business, having gained experience in many different areas. Over the last three years we've developed a graduate scheme for post-graduate students that's not too dissimilar from this Internship, but now we want to support those that are looking to move away from full-time education."


Dr. Tom Gareh, Head of Sixth Form at Ellesmere College, said: "Alex is an extremely successful entrepreneur who didn't go on to higher education after he left Ellesmere College but went on to found his own company. He came in to college to give our EDGE Lecture and then got back to us about the internship - a scheme Alex and his company feel really passionate about. It's a great idea for those students who may want to defer their education for a year or who may have decided not to go to university or college, to get some invaluable workplace experience with a successful company."


"The internship will run for a year and will see the successful applicant working in four key departments - two core departments, customer care and sales, which will see them helping clubs, leagues, schools and the Premier League in buying the right products - and two other optional departments. It means the applicant will be getting substantial exposure to all aspects of the company and will receive all the tools, help and guidance needed to launch their own career in their chosen field. The placement will be carried out at the company's head office in Wrexham. This is an excellent post-A Level opportunity for one of our students and we are extremely grateful to Alex for involving us in the scheme."


All of the current managers at Net World Sports have progressed through the business, having gained experience in many different areas.


During recent years, the company has developed a scheme for post-graduate students that is not too dissimilar from the internship, but is now keen to also support those that are looking to move away from full-time education.

For more information about the company, please visit: Net World Sports

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